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SunSirs: China PE Futures and Spot Prices Fell in Late April
April 28 2021 13:08:48SunSirs(Selena)

In late April, PE futures and spot three major varieties are weak, the decline is more obvious. Among them, the decline of LDPE in East China was the most prominent, with a decline of 5.62% in the last ten days, followed by LLDPE in East China. Although the decline of HDPE was relatively small, the overall trend was still weak.

According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the average ex factory price of LLDPE (7042) in East China was 8,716.67 RMB/ ton on April 15 and 8,400.00 RMB/ ton on April 27, with a decrease of 3.63% during the period and 6.67% compared with March 1. The average ex-factory price of LDPE (2426H) in East China was 11,787.50 RMB/ ton on April 15 and 11,125.00 RMB/ ton on April 27, with a decrease of 5.62% during the period and 7.87% compared with March 1. The average ex-factory price of HDPE (5000S) in East China was 9,133.33 RMB/ ton on April 15 and 9,016.67 RMB/ ton on April 27, with a decrease of 1.28% during the period and 2.17% compared with March 1.

The overall trend of PE spot market is weak in the second half of April, and the ex-factory prices of the three major varieties of spot have declined to varying degrees. Among them, the decline of LDPE is the most prominent. The main reasons for the decline are as follows: firstly, in terms of demand, due to the current off-season of downstream industry, the overall operating rate is low. The operating rate of agricultural film is about 28%, and that of pipe material is about 47%. The demand for packaging film is relatively stable, and the operating rate is generally not high, which leads to slow digestion of inventory, and enterprises generally face high inventory. The second is the international crude oil market. In late April, the international crude oil first fell and then rose, which brought Limited benefits to the PE market. In addition, Lian Su's sharp decline in the latter half of the year is also one of the reasons for the negative attitude of the industry and the weakening of the purchasing inquiry. Finally, affected by the holiday, the May Day holiday is coming, there is no obvious bad news on the supply side, but the market demand is less than expected. Business shipping atmosphere is weak, offer fell.

In late April, the overall downward trend of Liansu futures was dominant, which brought some bad news to the spot market. On April 27, the opening price of polyethylene futures 2109 was 8,120, the highest price was 8,205, the lowest price was 8,015, the closing price was 8,185, the former settlement price was 8,155, the settlement price was 8,115, up 30, or 0.37%, the trading volume was 486,018, the position was 333,838, and the daily increase was 6,240 (Quotation unit: RMB/ ton).

At present, the small rise of Liansu futures has boosted the market mentality to a certain extent. As the May Day holiday approaches, some downstream factories enter the replenishment stage, but the overall transaction atmosphere of the market is general. Under the influence of the industry off-season, the downstream orders were general, the inventory of the two oils declined slowly, and the ex factory price was still falling. Overall, the PE market mentality is mainly short, and it is expected that the PE spot market may not rise in the short term in China, or continue to be weak.


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