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Egg Spot Rose Sharply, Futures Remained Stable and Strong
January 13 2021 13:49:09Ruida Futures(Linda)

Disk situation: The egg 2105 contract rose by +1.91% within the day, the highest was 4555 yuan/500 kg, the lowest was 4371 yuan/500 kg, and the closing price was 4426 yuan/500 kg; 457,543 lots were traded, and open interest was 144,008, -4991 lots; JD5- The price difference in September is -254 yuan/500 kg.

Spot noodles: The spot price of eggs is 4498 yuan/500 kg, +228 yuan/500 kg.

Warehouse Receipt: 0 to 0 for egg warehouse receipt.

Position changes: The top 20 long positions of egg mainstream funds reported 77503 hands and +1281 hands, the top 20 short positions reported 77297 hands, +567 hands, and the net long position was 206 hands.

Summary: After the temperature drops, the laying rate of laying hens decreases, the pressure on egg supply is reduced, and the prices of corn and soybean meal are still high and strong, the cost pressure on the breeding end is greater, and the farmers are strongly willing to raise prices under the condition of gradual increase in feed costs. Furthermore, due to the recent impact of temperature and the epidemic, the psychological expectation to stock up in advance has increased, and the consumer's willingness to stock up has increased. Vegetable prices are on the rise, continuing to boost the egg market. However, the egg price is at a relatively high level, and terminal resistance has begun to heat up. Under the influence of the epidemic, downstream food factories have a heavier wait-and-see mood, stocking is weaker than in previous years, and the overall market is not fast. Egg prices are expected to continue to fluctuate strongly.

Operationally: The jd2105 contract is treated with more ideas. 

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