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SunSirs: China Wastepaper Price is on the Rise and the Corrugated Paper market is Stable
August 10 2020 10:22:50SunSirs(Selena)

According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, China wastepaper market showed a rising trend again last week. On August 7, the average purchase price of waste yellow board paper market was 2,151.43 RMB/ ton, which was 64.29 RMB/ ton higher than that at the beginning of the month (the average purchase price of wastepaper on August 1 was 2,087.14 RMB/ ton), an increase of 3.08%. However, the price of corrugated paper ran smoothly last week. On August 7, the average factory price of corrugated base paper was 3,375 RMB/ ton, which was equal to the average factory price of corrugated base paper at the beginning of the month (the average factory price of corrugated base paper on August 1 was 3,375 RMB/ ton).

According to the observation of market changes, the price of wastepaper dropped slightly at the end of July. In August, after stabilizing the price for several days, the price of wastepaper market began to rise on August 4. Until August 7, the purchase price of waste paper from paper mills in most parts of the country went up to varying degrees, and the upward range of that day was about 20-100 RMB/ ton. Recently, the price of wastepaper has been in shock, partly because of the effect of the season. Another part of the reason may be that market managers are beginning to show signs of recovery. With the increase of festivals in the second half of the year, the demand of paper market began to surge.

In terms of corrugated base paper price, although Taicang Jiulong and Zhejiang Jingxing issued the price increase notice of base paper and box board paper since August, the price increase has not been well implemented in the market. At present, customers of downstream paper enterprises seem not to agree with the price increase, while the upstream paper price is like a flood, and the market situation seems to be a bit difficult. Therefore, the market is catious; some paper enterprises are in a stable situation.

According to the paper analysts of SunSirs, the rise of packaging paper will start in August, and the demand for raw materials and waste paper will be increased, while the empty rise in tile paper and box board paper market will affect the price rise space is limited. It is expected that the price of China wastepaper may be in a stable upward trend in the short term, and the price of base paper may fluctuate to maintain stability.


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