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SunSirs: Chinese Polyester Yarn and Polyester Staple Fiber Run Smoothly on May 27
May 28 2020 08:46:07SunSirs(Linda)

According to statistics from SunSirs data, on May 27, the spot prices of 1.4D polyester staple fiber and 32S polyester yarn in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai areas were running smoothly. The average market price of 1.4D polyester staple fiber was about 6,720 yuan / ton, an increase of 120 yuan / tons from the beginning of May, an increase of about 1.82%; the average market price of 32S polyester yarn is about 13,060 yuan / ton, which is a slight decrease from the beginning of May, and the decrease is about 120 yuan / ton, a decrease of about 0.9%. With the steady advancement of resumption of production at home and abroad, the terminal consumer market may have passed the period of low slump, and the domestic cotton textile market has improved slightly.

In terms of raw materials, as of May 26, the upstream PTA industry operating rate was about 87.14%, which was boosted by the rebound in crude oil prices and the recovery of Chinese terminal demand. Since May, PTA prices have shown an upward trend, or may have a price effect on downstream products.

In terms of supply and demand, the operating rate of Jiangsu and Zhejiang looms rebounded to 66.8% in mid-May. Downstream textile companies are currently in a state of low-price destocking, but the inventory decline is not obvious. In the off-season, merchants mostly focus on shipping mentality. Due to the low price, some textile companies have increased their inquiry orders and the transaction volume has increased slightly. The textile market orders have picked up slightly, especially the shipment of conventional yarns 32S and 40S are relatively smooth.

In terms of market, Chinese textile products mainly depend on exports, international orders have experienced a sharp decline in international orders. By mid-May, the export of conventional textile yarns and clothing foreign trade orders fell by 15% in the first quarter, or as the European and American economies Partial restart, foreign trade orders will begin to resume in the next two months.

In terms of futures, Zhengzhou cotton ’s main contract rose slightly today, up 10, or 0.09%, to close at 11,630 yuan / ton. The highest was 11,685 and the lowest was 11,570. Yesterday, ICE US cotton was closed for one day due to Memorial Day. Zhengzhou cotton futures remained flat Disk shocks.

In terms of forecast, the orders of textile companies have picked up recently, the main reason is that domestic demand is slowly rising, and the degree of domestic demand is limited. The final recovery of the textile market still needs to wait for the improvement of the international situation and the increase in exports. At present, the pressure on yarn stocks of yarn companies is slightly released, but the consumption rate of weaving mills is slow, and the consumption capacity of terminal clothing is still weak. It is expected that the price of yarn will fluctuate weakly in the later period.

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