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SunSirs: The Price of Caustic Soda in Shandong Fell on April 21
April 22 2020 13:17:01SunSirs(John)

Price trend

The price of caustic soda in Shandong fell on April 21. After the Spring Festival, the overall price of caustic soda operated weakly, and the price has been showing a downward trend. The caustic soda industry started to maintain more than 70%, the market transactions were stable, the market demand for caustic soda was not high, and the transactions were tepid. On April 20, the purchase price of liquid alkali in Shandong's largest alumina enterprise was lowered again, with a reduction of 20 RMB/ton to 460 RMB/ton. The price reached a new low since 2010. On April 21, Shandong caustic soda manufacturers lowered their prices one after another. The current ex-factory price of 32% alkali in Shandong is 460-530 RMB/ton. The demand side was not performing well, the downstream alumina had limited support for caustic soda, the terminal demand was sluggish, and the overall start of chlor-alkali enterprises was normal.

SunSirs analysts believe that the overall weak operation of the liquid alkali market is based on wait-and-see. The overall demand for domestic caustic soda market continued to be weak, alumina prices remained low, and the demand for caustic soda was average. It is expected that the price of caustic soda will run mainly in the short term, depending on the downstream market demand.


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