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SunSirs: Energy, the Market Price of MTBE Fell Sharply Last Week (March 16-20)
March 23 2020 10:39:52SunSirs(Selena)

Price Trend

According to SunSirs, the price of MTBE at the end of last week was 3,300 RMB/ ton, down 11.61% from the previous week's price.

Market Analysis

Product: the international crude oil price continued to fall sharply, while the gasoline market price followed the drop, and the domestic MTBE price fell sharply last week.

Industry chain: crude oil futures prices continued to fall sharply, the gasoline market was passive, and the gasoline demand was gradually increasing. However, under the drag of crude oil slump, intermediate traders and downstream customers were mainly wait-and-see, and the gasoline market price fell 9.99% last week.

MTBE Market: at 24:00 on March 17, the price of domestic refined oil fell to the bottom price, the domestic oil price fell sharply, and the gasoline terminal demand was still recovering, the demand of MTBE was just general. At present, the crude oil market is still facing the pressure of further decline, and domestic market players are still mainly waiting for the consumption of oil. Meanwhile, alkylated oil fell 15.00% month on month last week. MTBE market prices fell all the way last week.

Market Forecast

According to MTBE product analyst of energy branch of SunSirs, MTBE price has fallen to a new low in history. Although there is still a risk of falling international oil price, there is not much room for falling MTBE market price in the near future.


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