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SunSirs: Building Material, Wastepaper & Corrugated Paper Soared by 5.2% in 7 Days
February 26 2020 09:03:47SunSirs(Selena)

According to the data monitoring of SunSirs: at present (February 24), the price of wastepaper has been raised. The average purchase price of waste yellow paper in A-class market is 2,290 RMB/ ton, which is up 115 RMB/ ton, or 5.2% compared with 2,175.71 RMB/ ton in the market a week ago (February 17). At present (February 24), the average ex-factory price of corrugated paper is 3,503 RMB/ ton, which is 130 RMB/ ton higher than a week ago, up 3.96%.

From last week, the base paper market ushered in a comprehensive price rise. On February 17, after the paper mills in Guangdong, Hebei, Henan, Yunnan and other provinces issued a price increase notice of 50-150 RMB, 30 paper mills, such as Jiulong, Shanying and Liwen, raised the purchase price of wastepaper. Among them, Jiulong announced that all kinds of paper in Dongguan base increased by 100 RMB/ ton. Jiangsu Liwen and Jingxing paper also said that corrugated base paper and box board paper increased by 50-100 RMB/ ton respectively. On February 18, China National Council Tariff Commission announced that it would eliminate the market-oriented purchase of goods subject to US and Canadian tariffs, and the news that the US wastepaper import tariff is expected to be cancelled further boosted the market sentiment of paper enterprises. At the end of the week, on February 21, large paper enterprises in Guangdong market and other market scales, including Jiulong, Shanying and Liwen, adjusted the purchase price of waste paper again, with an increase of about 50-100 RMB/ ton. On February 22, some paper enterprises raised the purchase price of waste paper again, with an increase range of 30-100 RMB/ ton. Last week, the market of paper industry has been rising continuously. This morning (February 24), several paper enterprises including Guangdong Jiulong raised the price of waste paper again, with an increase range of about 50 RMB/ ton. At present, China's waste yellow board paper market is stable and rising, among which, the price of large-scale paper enterprises tends to be stable and wait-and-see operation after rising, and small and medium-sized paper enterprises mainly make up the increase, with some of the increase up to 200 RMB/ ton. After the price rise of paper enterprises, the arrival volume slightly increases compared with the previous period.

Affected by the rising momentum of raw wastepaper, last week, the corrugated paper market rose with the waste paper market. At present, the corrugated and box board paper market is running well. Paper companies have issued price increase letters. At present, upstream and downstream enterprises are returning to work one after another, and the market turnover is gradually warming up. However, due to the shortage of raw materials and waste paper, it is expected that the market price of short-term corrugating and box board paper will still have room to rise.

According to SunSirs paper analysts, wastepaper materials are still in short supply in the short term, which may lead to the high price of wastepaper in the near future, so there is still room for upward market prices of corrugated and box board paper.


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