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Corrugated paper Wastepaper News
SunSirs: China Wastepaper and Corrugated Paper are Stable, with a Downward Trend and a Sustained Weak and Stable Trend in the Short Term
November 20 2023 14:36:04SunSirs(Selena)

According to the monitoring of the commodity market analysis system of SunSirs, the prices of wastepaper in Zhejiang region were weak and declining this week. On November 17th, the average purchase price of A-grade waste yellow cardboard in Zhejiang Province was 1,572 RMB/ton, a decrease of 0.25% compared to the average price of 1,576 RMB/ton on November 12th. The price of corrugated paper has also steadily declined. On November 17th, the average ex factory price of 140g corrugated base paper was 2,838 RMB/ton, a decrease of 0.21% compared to the average price of 2,844 RMB/ton on November 12th.

By observing market changes, it can be seen that the prices of wastepaper in Zhejiang region showed a weak downward trend this week, with most domestic wastepaper market prices showing a downward trend. The current market for waste yellow cardboard has a strong atmosphere and there is a positive interest in packaging station shipments. However, due to poor demand for downstream finished paper and increased inventory pressure on paper mills, the demand for wastepaper has decreased, leading to a downward adjustment in the purchase price of wastepaper.

The price of corrugated base paper has been steadily declining this week. Currently, the supply side of corrugated paper is basically stable, with sufficient stock volume, and supply pressure is gradually emerging. However, the demand side did not perform as expected, causing a certain drag on the market. With the end of the e-commerce festival in November, the demand stimulus for corrugated paper is limited, and orders for the Spring Festival and New Year's Day have not been released yet. The overall demand for corrugated paper is weak. However, downstream packaging factories have limited new orders, coupled with a strong market atmosphere, which has reduced the enthusiasm for purchasing raw paper and resulted in tepid market trading.

SunSirs paper analysts believe that the current market for wastepaper and corrugated paper is showing a trend of oversupply, with a prominent supply-demand contradiction, which is the main reason for the downward movement of market prices. With the release of orders related to the Spring Festival and New Year's Day, there may be expectations of increased demand. It is expected that there will be few positive factors in the short-term wastepaper and corrugated paper market, and prices will continue to remain weak and stable.


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