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SunSirs: Domestic market trends of mixed xylene
May 20 2022 09:01:11()

1、 Summary of xylene price on May 18:

Qingdao refinery offers 7400 RMB/ton, Shijiazhuang Refinery 7300 RMB/ton,

Jiujiang Petrochemical offers 7850 RMB/ton, and Yangba offers 7700 RMB/ton,

Guangzhou Petrochemical quoted 7900 RMB/ton, Maoming Petrochemical quoted 7850 RMB/ton,

Changling refinery offers 7800 RMB/ton,

Xinhai Petrochemical quoted 7600 RMB/ton and Hongrun Petrochemical quoted 7550 RMB/ton.

2、 Fluctuation trend:

3、 Analysis and comments:

In terms of crude oil, under the background of the Fed's interest rate hike, the market's concern about the weak oil demand caused by the economic recession made the oil price lower. However, U.S. crude oil and gasoline inventories fell, and favorable conditions limited the decline. EIA data show that as of the week of May 13, the total crude oil inventory in the United States decreased by 8.404 million barrels month on month, the commercial crude oil inventory decreased by 3.39 million barrels month on month, the total gasoline inventory decreased by 4.78 million barrels month on month, and the distillate oil inventory increased by 1.24 million barrels month on month.

Today, Xinhai Petrochemical raised the price of mixed xylene by 50 RMB/ton.

Crude oil continued to fall yesterday, and the cost support weakened; Gasoline in Shandong fell, and the domestic mixed xylene negotiation was general, but the trend in East China was stronger with the support of relevant aromatics.

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