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Ammonium biphosphate News
SunSirs: The price of Ammonium biphosphate is stable
May 09 2022 09:12:39()

Trade name: Ammonium biphosphate Latest price: 3920 RMB/ton

Key points of analysis: the price of Ammonium biphosphate was stable on May 7, which was flat compared with the previous trading day. Today, the price of raw sulfur continued to rise. Recently, the cost side continued to exert pressure, and the transaction focus of Ammonium biphosphate moved upward again. The downstream compound fertilizer shall be purchased cautiously, and the goods shall be mainly taken on demand. Today, the mainstream ex factory quotation of 55 powdered ammonium in Henan is about 4200 RMB/ton, and the market quotation of 55 powdered ammonium in Sichuan is about 3950 RMB/ton. The actual transaction can be negotiated.

Future forecast: the price of Ammonium biphosphate will rise in the short term.

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