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Acrylic acid PAM Vinyl cyanide News
SunSirs: Polyacrylamide market is mainly stable
April 25 2022 09:38:17()

Commodity price: according to the data monitoring of SunSirs (100ppi. Com), on April 24, the mainstream quotation of polyacrylamide (CPAM, cation, molecular weight of 12 million, 10-30 ionic degree) in China's domestic market was about 15942.86 RMB/ton, up 3.3% year-on-year. The current transportation environment and demand situation have not changed much, and the recent market of polyacrylamide has remained stable.

Key point analysis: at present, the inventory of manufacturers in the main production area is relatively sufficient and the demand is normal, but at the moment of strict control of public health events, the cost of delivery and transportation of raw materials and finished products is greatly increased and difficult, and the transaction is very affected.

The raw material Vinyl cyanide, after being lowered by 50 RMB/ton last Friday, was again slightly lowered by 50 RMB/ton this Monday. The main market report was 11500-11560 RMB/ton, which was temporarily stable. The domestic Vinyl cyanide units such as Haijiang and kruer in Shandong continued to shut down. The domestic Vinyl cyanide industry started around 70%, the downstream demand was weak, and the market offer was slightly lower. It is expected that the price of Vinyl cyanide in the later stage will be dominated by shock consolidation.

The market of raw acrylic acid increased this week. On April 22, the average quotation price of acrylic acid in East China was 14333.33 RMB/ton, up 3.39% from 13766.67 RMB/ton on Monday (18th). Recently, the raw material market has been shaken and sorted out, and the cost support is OK. The manufacturer's equipment has been shut down for maintenance, the market supply has decreased, the downstream demand has improved, the enterprise sales are not under pressure, the market trading atmosphere has improved, and the tight supply has supported the steady rise of acrylic acid price.

Future forecast: affected by the strict control of public health events, the problem of blocked market delivery and transportation will continue in the short term. The cost of raw materials fell slightly, the market stock was sufficient, and the demand and transaction slowed down. It is expected that the polyacrylamide market will remain stable in the future, supplemented by small fluctuations.

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