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SunSirs: Futures Pull but Demand for General Asphalt Market Difficult to Advance
June 17 2021 16:58:15SunSirs(HU)

On June 15, the closing price of 2109, the main asphalt contract, was 3298 RMB/ton, up 2.57% on the previous day. The upward trend of international crude oil has certain cost support for the market, the market is slightly strong, the spot demand is slightly flat, and the domestic asphalt spot market is slow to follow up. According to the monitoring data of the SunSirs, as of June 15, the average spot price of domestic asphalt was 3356 RMB/ton, with a month-on-month increase of 3.81% and a year-on-year increase of 45.15%.

The rainy weather in the south is still obvious, and the market demand is tepid. The implementation of a consumption tax policy can stimulate the futures market and promote spot buying.

As of June 15, the factory quotation summary of main asphalt manufacturers in Shandong Province:



The price

HSBC petrochemical

The maintenance of a set of 2.3 million tons/year atmospheric and pressure relief devices is expected to last until mid-to-late April

3300 RMB/ton

Jin cheng petrochemical

1500 tons per day



There are two sets of atmospheric and decompression, one set of 3.2 million tons/year atmospheric and decompression and one set of 1.2 million tons/year atmospheric and decompression

3300 RMB/ton

Dongming petrochemical

A set of 3 million tons/year atmospheric and vacuum intermittent production of asphalt, the plant to produce residual oil, normal production of 2500-3000 tons per day

3850 RMB/ton

Photographer chemical


3210 RMB/ton

Good policy, but affected by the weather, demand is difficult to follow up, business community asphalt analysts expect domestic asphalt spot market consolidation.


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