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SunSirs: Rapeseed Prices in Chinese Market Fluctuated up 0.6% in May
June 01 2021 08:44:32SunSirs(Linda)

1. Rapeseed market price trend

At the beginning of May, the average price of rapeseed was 5,875 yuan/ton, and at the end of this month, the average price of rapeseed was 5,910 yuan/ton, and the quotation was up 0.6%.

2. Market analysis

The domestic net rapeseed price in Hubei area is 2.96-3.05 yuan/kg; the price in Anhui area is 2.7-3.05 yuan/kg; Jiangsu area is about 2.9-2.98 yuan/kg; Sichuan area is about 3.1-3.15 yuan/kg; Yunnan area is 2.975 yuan/kg About catty. From early to mid-May, the new season rapeseed was launched sporadically. Due to more rain, the new rapeseed has a higher moisture content, and the market price is chaotic. New rapeseeds have been put on the market one after another, and prices have risen slightly. During the harvest period this year, there was a lot of rain and the slightly higher moisture content of rapeseeds affected the shipment. As time increased and the weather turned fine, farmers sold a large number of rapeseeds, and the cargo rights were transferred to small and medium-sized traders.

It is estimated that the planting area of ​​winter rapeseed nationwide this year will be more than 96 million mu, an increase of about 4 million mu over the previous year, of which the planting area of ​​rapeseed in Sichuan and Hunan province will exceed 20 million mu; the total rapeseed output will reach 14.5 million tons this year, a year-on-year increase 2.8%, a record high.

3. Market outlook

At present, the new season rapeseed has just been launched, and the price is on the rise. However, as rapeseed is listed in large numbers, the price may decline slightly.

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