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Seamless tube News
SunSirs: The Seamless Pipe Price Continued to Be Weak and Stable On October 16
October 18 2019 12:27:43SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to the survey data of SunSirs, on October 16, the quotation of 20 × seamless tube was 4700 RMB/ton, down 0.13% compared with the previous trading day, up 5.62% compared with the beginning of the year, down 10.05% year on year.


Analysis review

Seamless prices of seamless pipes have stabilized and occasionally have fallen.

Upstream billet: The billet is slightly reduced. Now Luli hot rolled 3670 RMB/ton and temporarily stabilized. Jiang Xin 3700 RMB/ton down 20 RMB/ton; Tiangang 3740 RMB/ton down 10 RMB/ton.

Pipe factory: The factory price of the pipe is weak. Linyi 108*4.5 pipe general rolling 4300-4350 RMB/ton, Ruigang, Taizong down 10-30 RMB/ton to 4320 RMB/ton

In terms of market: Downstream demand is relatively poor, shipments are still tepid in “Silver October”, business operations are cautious and flexible, ensuring profit-based shipments, and replenishing on-demand..


Market outlook

Seamless pipe analysts believe that the output of seamless pipe is not reduced near the off-season, and the pressure on the inventory consumption of the pipe factory is increased, and the supply exceeds the demand. The price of raw material tube blank tends to weaken slightly, the factory price of tube is stable and adjusted, and it is expected that weak consolidation of seamless tube is dominant in the short-term.


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