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SunSirs: Supplier Support & Cost Boost, China PC Market Stabilized and Rose in February 2024
February 29 2024 16:05:13SunSirs(Selena)

According to the bulk list data from SunSirs, the domestic PC market stabilized first and then rose in February, with most spot prices of brand names concentrated in the post holiday period. As of February 27th, the mixed benchmark price of SunSirs PC is around 16,133.330 RMB/ton, with a +1.89% increase or decrease compared to the beginning of the month.

In terms of raw materials, the market price of bisphenol A has gradually increased this month. In the early stage, there were many restart devices for bisphenol A, and there were also new devices put into operation, which put pressure on the supply side. With the continuous increase of raw materials such as pure benzene and phenol, the cost support for PC has been strengthened. But the downstream stocking intensity is average, and it will shift to consolidating the market at the end of the month. Bisphenol A has a stronger overall support for PC in February.

In terms of supply: In February, the overall operating rate of domestic PC increased, and the industry average operating rate increased from 72% at the beginning of the month to around 84%. Enterprise production capacity returns and supply increases. However, due to the excessive delivery of pre-sale contracts before the holiday, the pressure on on-site shipment of goods is not high. The factory price often increases after the price increase, which provides sufficient support for spot prices.

In terms of demand: During the Spring Festival, PC consumption will continue to follow the previous rigid demand pattern, with a focus on digesting inventory. Downstream enterprises returning after the holiday are lagging behind in resuming work, and there is poor demand for on-site stocking. In addition, buyers have some resistance to PC sources with rising prices, and the demand side generally supports spot prices.

The PC market saw a positive increase in February. After the strengthening of the upstream bisphenol A market, the consolidation has increased the support for PC costs. The load of domestic polymerization plants has significantly increased, and the market has abundant spot supply, but there is no significant accumulation of inventory, and the supply pressure is still acceptable. The confidence of traders is supported by suppliers, and their offers are actively high. After the Spring Festival, the demand side is expanding slowly, and the increase in PC prices is limited. It is expected that the PC market in the future may form a stalemate pattern.


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