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SunSirs: The Quotation of Asphalt in Shandong Area has been Lowered
December 06 2023 13:40:55()

Shandong Dongfang Hualong (Hualong Yitong brand) 70# heavy-duty asphalt listed quotation is 3720 RMB/ton, 70# asphalt retail price is 3420 RMB/ton, and 90# asphalt price is 3520 RMB/ton.

Guangrao Kelida 70# asphalt quotation is 3450 RMB/ton, 70# asphalt quotation is 3550 RMB/ton, and modified asphalt quotation is 4030 RMB/ton.

Shandong Haiyou Petrochemical's 70# asphalt quotation was lowered by 20 RMB/ton to 3,526 RMB/ton.

Shandong Shenchi Chemicals offers a non-standard asphalt price of 3,380 RMB/ton.

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