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Seamless tube News
SunSirs: Trader holidays continue to extend, seamless tube prices remain stable
February 17 2020 13:01:15SunSirs(Molly)

1. Price Trend 

Due to the impact of the epidemic, construction was scheduled to start on the 15th of the first month, and it was delayed by another week. The price of seamless pipes is still unavailable, and the price is stable at 4,456 yuan / ton.

2. Factor Analysis

Pipeline factory operation: short-flow pipe: Lubao has been producing, Yanbao resumed production on the 10th, Meixin, Xinshenhao, Ritong, Xinpengyuan passed the reintroduction and epidemic prevention inspection, and has been or will soon be in oven production. Henan Huifeng Production of a large tube production line, Jiangyin Yangtze River resumed production. Most other tube factories are doing epidemic prevention measures and resumption of production.

Tube blank: Shandong Tianbao, Sanhe and other individual businesses, most of the traders have not yet officially opened. The current market price of 20 # hot-rolled pipe billets is quoted directly by Lu Li, Jiang Xin, and Weigang at 3,700 yuan / ton, but the current logistics and transportation have not been lifted and transportation is blocked. In addition, there is very little resumption of production at the pipe plant.

For traders: The seamless tube market in Wuxi has not yet officially opened. Due to the recent spread of the epidemic in Jiangsu and strict control, the main resumption of work is the production enterprises, which are approved in batches. As the transportation has not yet started, the market is only Individual businesses operate mostly through "cloud" offices or extended vacations. The Hebei market was postponed to work, and some of them were extended to March 1. In the Northeast, some of them were postponed to work on February 16th, most of them until March 1st, and individual businesses began to take turns on duty.

3. Future forecast: 

Freight will not go out for orders booked a year ago, and warehouse rents are expensive. The epidemic has a large impact on the market, and the seamless tube price market will not change until the market opens.

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