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SunSirs:Stainless Steel Market continued Delay construction this week(2.10-2.14)
February 17 2020 12:08:36SunSirs(Molly)

Affected by the epidemic, construction time varies from place to place:

Wuxi Stainless Steel Market: In the past two days, some traders and processing plants have successively approved the resumption of work. At present, it is learned that Jiangsu Daming and Wuxi Puxin have resumed work on the 10th, and Taiming New Materials has been notified by the previous company on the 17th Daily return to work. The above three single stores are not merchants operating in the Eastern and Southern markets. The situation of more companies in the stainless steel industry returning to work is yet to be notified by the market.

Foshan market: At present, there are still not many start-up enterprises, and they are mainly based on online orders. The cold rolling mill in Foshan market will postpone the resumption of work, starting as early as the 17th.

Some small markets (Hangzhou, Zibo, Tianjin): Most of the production has not started, and most companies are expected to resume work around the 17th, waiting for government notification.

In summary: due to the impact of the epidemic, most traders are still in a delayed state of operation. Very few traders have individual offers, but few transactions. At present, logistics and other inspections are also very strict. Most businesses may delay work until the end of February, waiting for government notification.

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