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SunSirs: Energy, Asphalt Market Price was Stable Last Week (February 10-14)
February 17 2020 09:46:04SunSirs(Selena)

1  Price Trend

According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, the market price of asphalt was stable last week, and the price of asphalt was reported to be 3,420 RMB/ ton, which was the same as that of the previous week.

2  Analysis of influencing factors

Product: last week, international crude oil operated at a low level, with a large fluctuation range. The operating rate of asphalt plants in refineries has dropped to a low level. At present, the asphalt market is in the off-season stage, and the epidemic of COVID-10 has little impact on the asphalt market. Last week, the asphalt market maintained stable operation.

Industrial chain: the international crude oil market is also affected by China's epidemic situation. At present, China's crude oil demand is severely suppressed, and the demand growth is relatively limited. At the same time, Russia's attitude on deepening production reduction is not clear, and the crude oil market has doubts about the implementation of real production reduction. Last week, the international oil price was running at a low level, with a large fluctuation.

Asphalt Market: affected by COVID-19, the asphalt market was restricted by the macro environment, the resumption of domestic projects was not ideal, and there were certain restrictions on logistics and transportation. The overall delivery situation of the refinery was poor. Under the pressure of increasing inventory, the operating rate of the refinery continued to decline. The asphalt market was still in a state of price or no market. At present, the overall performance of the asphalt market is weak supply and demand, and the price performance of the asphalt market is average.

3  Market Forecast

The asphalt analyst of SunSirs believes that: the price of international crude oil market has fallen to a low level, but it is the off-season of asphalt market demand at present. In addition, the resumption of terminal projects is not ideal, and it is expected that the market price of asphalt will maintain stable operation in a short time.


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