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DDGS Rapeseed meal Soybean meal News
SunSirs: Possive News, the Feed Market saw a Comprehensive Rise in China in July
August 07 2023 09:43:06SunSirs(Selena)

According to the monitoring data of the Commodity Market Analysis System of SunSirs, in July, the feed raw material market rebounded, and the feed raw material index oscillated and rose by over 5%. Entering July, favorable factors have hit, with the prices of raw materials such as corn and wheat rising one after another, and the feed sector showing overall prosperity. On July 31, the feed raw materials were 1203 points, a decrease of 10 points from yesterday, a decrease of 11.35% from the highest point of 1357 points in the cycle (2022-11-10), and a 61.04% increase from the lowest point of 747 points on April 10, 2016.

According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, there were a total of 5 products that rose, 0 products that fell, and 0 products that rose or fell in the feed raw material price list in July 2023. The main commodities that rose were DDGS (12.30%), soybean meal (11.17%), and rapeseed meal (7.43%);

Starting from July, the market for feed raw materials has risen comprehensively, with a significant increase in soybean meal DDGS, both exceeding 11%; The increase in rapeseed meal also exceeded 7%; Corn and wheat performed relatively average, with gains of less than 0.5%. Futures market support, tightening market supply, and multiple bullish factors have supported the rise of the feed raw material sector in July.

Agricultural product analysts from SunSirs believe that the rise in the feed raw material market this round is mainly driven by the external futures market, coupled with factory shutdowns for maintenance and supply tightening, resulting in a significant increase in the market for soybean meal, DDGS, and rapeseed meal.

After August, the bullish factors in futures have been digested by the market, and there is still a large amount of imported soybeans arriving in Hong Kong. The supply pressure of soybean meal is still there, and the space for future market growth is limited. The supply of rapeseed meal is also relatively loose, and the bearish factors of feed raw materials such as corn and wheat DDGS are dominant. The feed raw material market may weaken in the future.


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