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SunSirs: The Price of Forsythia has Slightly Declined
June 08 2023 11:14:44SunSirs(Selena)

According to the monitoring of SunSirs, Forsythia has started to catch up with some young people, and merchants have increased their willingness to sell. However, the market demand is not very strong, and the market is weak and slippery. Currently, the asking price for qualified volatile oil in the water boiled products of Forsythia in the market is 190-200 RMB, and the price for unsold products is 210-220 RMB, a decrease of 3.80% compared to the beginning of the month.

At present, the production area of Forsythia in Xixia County, Nanyang, Henan Province has started to compete for green crops, entering a new production period. It is estimated that this year's production will be the same as that of previous years. The supply of goods is fast, the inventory is small, the price is stable, there are many wait-and-see merchants, and few goods meet the standards. The purchase price of fresh fruits is 34-35 RMB/kg. Dry goods have not yet been on the market. It is estimated that the new production will end in early July this year, and the future market may not be calm. As the supply of Forsythia in Yuncheng of Shanxi Province is sold, there is no supply of local supply. In addition, new products have not been processed, so there is no quotation for the time being. Continue to focus on the output of new products this year.

This spring, the repeated "cold weather" caused a certain degree of reduction in production of Forsythia, but businesses hold different views, with their own reasons for being bullish or bearish, and there is also some persuasiveness. With the passage of time, the current production areas have reported that some farmers have rushed to harvest (small and thin particles), and the farmers' enthusiasm for harvesting is very high. In this context, is it the rush to harvest leading to a continuous decrease in the overall supply of goods, or is the enthusiasm for harvesting leading to the return of particles to the warehouse? SunSirs analysis suggests that the market for Forsythia suspense still depends on the new production situation.


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