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Neodymium oxide News
SunSirs: The Decline in the Rare Earth Market is Difficult to Change in the Short Term
April 28 2023 09:22:46()

Latest price of neodymium oxide (4-26): 465000 RMB/ton, bearish in the future

Key points of analysis: Recently, the light rare earth market has continued to decline, and the buyer's wait-and-see sentiment has intensified. Downstream demand has not yet recovered, and market information is still weak. The light rare earth market is constantly declining. The order situation in the domestic terminal market has not significantly improved. Overall, the order volume has decreased, and large manufacturers have a clear competitive advantage. Some small and medium-sized neodymium iron boron enterprises are facing operational difficulties. The order situation of downstream magnetic material manufacturers has remained sluggish. Most magnetic material factories mainly consume the existing inventory. The actual transaction price of rare earth has been moving downward. The rare earth market is under pressure. The rare earth market is pessimistic. Most of the enterprises continue to be bearish about the short-term price of rare earth. Affected by multiple factors, the price of the domestic rare earth market continues to decline.

Future Market Forecast: In the near future, downstream rare earth merchants have been purchasing weakly, and demand is unlikely to improve. In addition, upstream supply is sufficient, the supply-demand contradiction is sharp, and the transaction situation is poor. In addition, the second quarter is gradually entering the off-season of the rare earth industry, and the decline in the light rare earth market is difficult to change in the short term.

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