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White cardboard White Board News
SunSirs: The Prices of White Cardboard and Whiteboard Continued to Decline, There May Be Weak Shocks in the Short Term
March 24 2023 10:12:14SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to data monitoring by SunSirs, the prices of white cardboard and gray board were both in a downward trend this week. On March 23rd, the average market price of 230g-400g white cardboard was 5,180 RMB/ton, down 1.27% from the price of 5,246.67 RMB/ton on March 19th. On March 23, the average market price of 250g gray base white board paper was 4,399 RMB/ton, a decrease of 1.79% compared to the average market price of 4,479 RMB/ton on March 19.

Analysis review

Judging from the market changes observed, the price of white cardboard market this week still declined. As of the 23rd, the price of raw pulp continued to decline, which brought cautious and pessimistic sentiment to the base paper market. With the slow growth of demand and the obvious imbalance between supply and demand, the paper industry had shown a downward trend in prices, which had a significant negative impact on market sentiment. Therefore, the price of white cardboard was still in a declined state.

The price of gray based white board paper had declined this week, as the prices of raw materials, waste paper, and wood pulp continued to decline, resulting in poor performance in the white board market. In addition, due to limited demand in the end market, the downstream base paper market lacked power for thr price increase. Due to cost pressures, the price of whiteboard paper had declined.

Market outlook

As of the 23rd, the market price of wood pulp paper products fluctuated in an undercurrent, market response was poor and the acceptance by end users was general. The actual market transactions were mostly negotiated. Most paper companies are mostly on the sidelines. Paper analysts from SunSirs believe that the prices of white cardboard and whiteboard are expected to be weak and volatile in the short term.

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