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SunSirs: The Glass Spot Market Fell slightly Last Week (September 2-9)

September 14 2022 13:57:07     SunSirs (Selena)

According to the monitoring of SunSirs, the spot market of glass fell slightly last week, the average price last Friday was 19.6 RMB/ square meter, and the price fell slightly within seven days, by 1.11%.

The spot market price of glass fell last week. The market turnover in Shahe, North China is weak, the spot price of glass is more flexible, and the delivery of goods is poor. The inventory of manufacturers and traders has increased. In East China, the market turnover was average, and the inventory increased slightly. In central China, the overall production and sales are average, and some manufacturers give way to profits for sales. The turnover on weekends has increased. The spot delivery and investment of South China Glass is general, and the price of enterprises is mainly stable. The market is relatively light. The production and sales in Southwest China are average, with limited shipment and slow down. The glass market in northwest China is weak and production and sales slow down. The market trend in Northeast China is general, and the inventory is basically unchanged.

In terms of soda ash, according to the monitoring data of the business community, the overall price of soda ash was temporarily stable last week, with individual increases. The current mainstream market price of light soda ash in East China is about 2600-2800 RMB/ ton. The price of soda ash in North China is temporarily stable, and the current market price of light soda ash is about 2600-2700 RMB/ ton. Data shows that the overall operating rate of soda ash is about 77.64% in the week, and the output of soda ash in the week is 510,000 tons, which has increased. The overall trading and investment atmosphere is fair, and orders have increased. The glass market is mainly purchased on demand, with a strong wait-and-see mood. It is expected that the price of soda ash will be consolidated in the later period, depending on the downstream market demand.

In terms of LNG, according to the data monitoring of the business community, the average price of domestic LNG on September 5 was 6,022 RMB/ ton, and the average price of domestic LNG on September 9 was 5,930 RMB/ ton. Domestic LNG prices fell 1.53% this week. LNG analysts from the business community believe that the LNG market was weak last week, and the liquid price recovered at the weekend. Near the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the liquid plant mainly discharges the warehouse, and the downstream replenishment is active. On Friday, the average auction price of feed gas directly supplied by PetroChina to Shaanxi Inner Mongolia Ganning LNG Plant was raised, and it is expected that the price of LNG will rise in the short term.

The overall trading of the glass spot market was weak last week. Enterprise warehouses in most regions have increased to varying degrees, and the enthusiasm for downstream goods preparation is not high. Compared with the previous week, the progress of shipments has slowed down. It is expected that the glass spot market will operate stably in China in the short term.


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