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SunSirs: The Domestic Ethyl Alcohol Market Fluctuated Mainly in December

January 06 2021 13:41:51     SunSirs (John)

In December, the domestic ethyl alcohol market fluctuated mainly. According to the sample data monitored by SunSirs, the domestic ethyl alcohol market price was 6,900 RMB/ton on December 1, and the domestic butadiene market price was 7,000 RMB/ton on December 31. The month rose by 1.45%, and the price rose by 26.81% year-on-year.

In terms of market conditions in various regions, markets in Northeast China were organized and operated, markets in East China and Shandong were waiting to see, the market in Henan was stable, the market in Guangxi in South China was strong, the market in Dongguan corn was weak, the market in Anhui was weak, and the market in Sichuan was organized and operated. Market transactions in Yunnan were active.

From the perspective of raw material corn, the price of corn first declined and then rose this month. At the beginning of the month, due to the centralized listing of grain and national policy regulation, auctions increased from this month. The magnitude of one-time reserves should not be underestimated, so tje price of raw corn declined slightly in the first half of this month, but the price of grain continued to rise affected by the increase in downstream demand and the continuous fermentation of the grain grabbing storm subsequently, and the price of corn remained high. From the perspective of demand, the demand for liquor was coming to an end, and the demand for ethyl acetate in the chemical industry had declined this month, and the demand for ethyl alcohol had been significantly reduced. The other downstream basically maintained just-need purchases.

This month, the logistics price from northeast to Shandong and northern Jiangsu increased sharply. The price was 450 RMB/ton for delivery to Shandong from Heilongjiang, 560 RMB/ton from Heilongjiang to northern Jiangsu, 230-240 RMB/ton from Henan to Hubei, and 250 RMB/ton from Henan to Anhui. Shipping prices did not change much.

Raw material corn prices continue to remain high, corn ethyl alcohol costs continue to remain high, ethyl alcohol production companies reduce operating rates, logistics impact will continue, SunSirs ethyl alcohol analysts expect that in the short term, the domestic ethyl alcohol market will fluctuate mainly.

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