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SunSirs: Digital Inventory of Ethyl Alcohol Industry in 2020

January 04 2021 13:32:21     SunSirs (John)

The maximum amplitude of ethyl alcohol prices in 2020 is 34.29%

In 2020, the domestic ethyl alcohol market mainly increased. According to the monitoring data of the business agency (with 95% ethyl alcohol as a reference), the domestic ethyl alcohol market price at the beginning of the year was 5,520 yuan/ton, and the domestic ethyl alcohol market price was 7,000 yuan/ton at the end of the year. The annual price increase was 26.81%, the lowest point of the whole year appeared on April 3 at 5,212 yuan/ton, and the highest point of the whole year appeared on December 31 at the end of the year at 7,000 yuan/ton, with a maximum swing of 34.29%. Under the influence of rising raw materials, increasing demand, and low inventories, ethyl alcohol price increased in various regions in turn.

Ethyl alcohol prices increase in 9 months of the year

The domestic ethyl alcohol market has been stable for a long time, and ethyl alcohol prices showed an upward trend in the nine months of 2020, with a maximum increase of 9.15%. During the Spring Festival of 2020, some production companies received production tasks to work overtime to produce 75% medical alcohol, but most of them were used in the surrounding areas of the province. During the Spring Festival, there was no inter-provincial transportation. With the gradual control of the domestic epidemic, foreign demand rose sharply, domestic ethyl alcohol producers accumulated abundant inventories, and prices fell slightly. However, overseas export orders were mostly produced according to the requirements of the country plus ingredients, and the prices were mostly based on actual orders. This was a positive drive for the domestic ethyl alcohol market. In the fourth quarter, the price of raw material corn rose, which once again drove the ethyl alcohol market to rise sharply.

Ethyl alcohol prices break through eight-year high

According to the monitoring data of the business agency, the highest price of the domestic ethyl alcohol market in 2020 reached a new high in the past eight years. The last time the price reached nearly 7,000 yuan/ton dateed back to the beginning of 2011.

2 billion gallons

As the new crown epidemic continues to erupt, the American Renewable Fuel Association said in late March that US ethyl alcohol producers may reduce their annual output by 2 billion gallons.

254,200 tons

Boosted by the demand for disinfection, China's unmodified ethyl alcohol exports from January to September 2020 totaled 254,200 tons, the highest record in at least a decade.


From March 2, 2020, for the relevant enterprises to purchase imported goods from the United States that meet the conditions and in accordance with the principles of marketization and commercialization, there would be no additional tariffs on China’s 301 measures against the United States within a certain period of time. Ethyl alcohol (Tax Code: 22072000) is levied at 45% tariff. Judging from the situation from January to September 2020, there was no direct import of ethyl alcohol from the United States for the time being, and market rumors may arrive after mid-December at the earliest.

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