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SunSirs: Chinese Polyester Prices Fell 30% Year-on-Year

October 14 2020 08:20:27     SunSirs (Linda)

Compared with the recent continuous increase of cotton, spandex and viscose raw materials, the performance of polyester filament yarns is not satisfactory. The price has fallen since mid-August, and the decline has continued in September. Among them, polyester FDY has the largest decline, with specifications of 150D/96F The monthly decline was 4.59% and 33.09% year-on-year, followed by polyester POY and polyester DTY.

In the traditional peak season of'Golden September Silver October', polyester filament factories are in a disadvantageous situation of losses and high inventories. The weak terminal demand has led to insufficient fineness of the "Golden 9". At the end of the month, with the arrival of the factory's production limit and price increase and the stock market before the National Day, the downstream purchasing sentiment has been heated up, and the polyester production and sales have increased. According to statistics, as of the 28th, the average production and sales of major manufacturers are 80%-100%. Production and sales have reached 120%. The overall market inventory is concentrated in 35-44 days, of which POY inventory is around 13-17 days, FDY stock is around 24-35 days, and DTY stock is around 32-44 days. In terms of price, the mainstream in Jiangsu and Zhejiang The factory raised RMB 50-100/ton. However, the pace of replenishment slowed down, and prices fell again. As of September 30, the prices of polyester POY (150D/48F) in Jiangsu and Zhejiang factories were 5,000.00-5,250.00 yuan/ton, and the quotations of polyester FDY (150D/48F) were 5,450.00-5,500.00 yuan/ton. Tons, polyester DTY150D/48F (low elastic) 6,400.00-6,700.00 yuan/ton.

In the raw material market, although OPEC+ production cuts and the tightening of U.S. crude oil supplies have supported the recovery of oil prices, concerns about global demand have kept the growth rate limited. Several PTA devices originally planned to be overhauled in September were postponed, but multiple devices were restarted continuously, driving the PTA start load to return to more than 90%. The spot supply is still loose, and the intermittent high production and sales of downstream polyester have limited effects on the PTA market. The market lacks good news, the market mentality is not good, and the buying and selling atmosphere has declined. As of September 30, the average market price was RMB 3,315/ton, down 7.92% from the beginning of the month and 35.42% year-on-year.

Recently, buyers from all over the home textile market of China Textile City have increased partially, and online live broadcast counterparts have placed more orders. Curtain fabrics and decorative fabrics continue to interact with multiple varieties. The marketing trend of decorative home fabrics using polyester filament as the main raw material is quite optimistic. The transaction continued to fluctuate and rise. Most downstream companies began to increase their orders in the fall and winter in mid-August, especially due to the purchase action before the National Day, the comprehensive operating rate of Jiangsu and Zhejiang looms gradually increased to more than 74%. However, the follow-up of downstream orders is insufficient and the overall order quantity is lower than in previous years.
SunSirs analysts believe that some of the PTA maintenance devices in the raw material market have resumed in the short-term, and the maintenance plan of some devices has been delayed. The current demand for polyester is currently high, but there is a load reduction expected in October. Therefore, or reduce the purchase of raw materials, PTA continues to be under pressure. The possibility is greater, and the cost side support is insufficient. At present, the inventory of polyester filaments is still at a high level, and weaving manufacturers only purchase polyester filaments when they are on sale or when they are just needed.

It is expected that in October, with the end of autumn and winter order purchases, demand will further decline, and the burden of oversupply will increase. , The price of polyester filament is likely to fluctuate downward.

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