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SunSirs: Shipping is Improved, China LNG is Rising

July 13 2020 09:35:46     SunSirs (Selena)

The average price of China LNG on July 8 was 2,453.33 RMB/ ton, up 0.41% from the previous day, down 1.47% month on month and 25.13% compared with the same period last year.

Analysis of Influencing Factors

In July, the domestic LNG market remained stable, and the price rose slightly on July 8. Due to the high inventory of the LNG plant in the early stage, the manufacturer reduced the price to clear the warehouse, and the shipment improved to a certain extent. At the same time, considering the cost, the enterprise adjusted the price according to the trend, but the increase was not big. Since July 1, the non resident pipeline gas has been increased, and some regions have been significantly increased due to the favorable maintenance support. However, under the influence of the off-season demand, the driving force for the rise of LNG market is not strong, and the price of mainstream LNG is not much fluctuating, and the overall stability is stable.

Early maintenance enterprises have resumed production, production gradually increased. At the same time, the import quality is good and the price is low. The sharp drop of oil price in the early stage will gradually affect the price of LNG long-term association. With the rapid recovery of China's economy and the increase of consumption, the import volume of LNG may gradually rise, and the on-site supply is slightly abundant. In May, the apparent consumption of natural gas was 26.47 billion cubic meters, up 9.1% year on year. From January to May, the apparent consumption of natural gas was 130.91 billion cubic meters, with a year-on-year increase of 4.1%. Under the guidance of the buyer's market, it is difficult for domestic LNG to have a substantial upward trend.

As of July 8, the average price of LNG in China was 2,453.33 RMB/ ton, the price in Inner Mongolia was around 2,400-2,480 RMB/ ton, the price in Shaanxi was around 2,480 RMB/ ton, the price in Shanxi was around 2,500 RMB/ ton, and the price in Xinjiang was 3,500 RMB/ ton. The rise and fall of LNG prices in different regions were mutual.

Market Forecas

LNG analysts from SunSirs believe that, at present, downstream demand maintains on-demand procurement, which is relatively stable. In July, maintenance enterprises decreased, production increased, and a large number of imported gas poured into the market. It is expected that China domestic LNG may fluctuate slightly in the short term, and the future market will continue to be weak.


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