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SunSirs: In June, Ammonium Sulfate Showed a "Ladder" Decline

July 08 2020 14:40:49     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

According to the data monitored by SunSirs, the average domestic ex-factory price of ammonium sulfate was 581 RMB/ton on June 1, and the average ex-factory price was 563 RMB/ton on June 30, and the price fell by 3.15% in June. The highest price in the month was 581 RMB/ton, and the lowest price was 563 RMB/ton.

Analysis review

In June, domestic ammonium sulfate started operation stably, and the price showed a "ladder" decline. At the beginning of the month, the trading of coking grade ammonium sulfate was poor, the demand was reduced and the market was weak. The weakness of caprolactam grade ammonium sulfate continues, the market was not optimistic, and prices were steadily lowering. In mid-June, the intermediate coking grade ammonium sulfate fluctuated slightly, and the market gradually improved. The caprolactone grade ammonium sulfate was sorted out smoothly, and the exports improved slightly. At the end of June, the market of ammonium sulfate was flat, and the manufacturers sold actively before the holiday. The coking grade ammonium sulfate operated steadily , and caprolactam grade ammonium sulfate could be negotiated. In June, the factory price of ammonium sulfate in central China was around 490-640 RMB/ton, the factory price of ammonium sulfate in Henan was 500-560 RMB/ton, the factory price of ammonium sulfate in Hebei was 470-590 RMB/ton, the factory price of ammonium sulfate in Shandong was 520-590 RMB/ton, the factory price of ammonium sulfate in East China was 500-650, and the factory price of ammonium sulfate in North China was 470-650 RMB/ton, the mainstream factory price of ammonium sulfate in Northeast China is 520-630 RMB/ton.

In June, the market for downstream compound fertilizer companies remained sluggish, with no major improvement in demand. Corn fertilizer has started, but demand was limited. It is now in the off-season of the fertilizer market, the autumn fertilizer market has not yet started, and policies are about to be introduced. At present, the summer market is deserted and the enthusiasm of farmers for fertilizer use has weakened. The price of compound fertilizer raw materials is not good, the cost support is limited, and compound fertilizer companies are mostly on the sidelines.

Market outlook

Analysts of SunSirs believe that the market for ammonium sulfate in June was poor, demand was weak, and prices continued to fall. At the end of the month, shipment conditions improved slightly, prices were firm, and the market started to stabilize. It is expected that the price of ammonium sulfate will be stable in July.

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