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SunSirs: This week's domestic ferrosilicon spot market analysis (May 11-May 15)

May 18 2020 09:58:23     SunSirs (Molly)

1. The price trend

According to SunSirs price monitoring, the development of ferrosilicon market this week is mainly based on development. At present, the mainstream offer price of ferrosilicon 75 # in the domestic trade market is about 6100 yuan / ton, and the price of ferrosilicon 72 # is 5500-5600 yuan / ton. It is forecast in the middle of May. Ferrosilicon manufacturers are generally pre-delivery and steel mill orders. Some manufacturers have single and overlapping orders, and the stock is tight. In addition, considering the increase in the return of logistics and transportation prices after the May Day, the stock The market is expected to increase slightly in the short term.

2. Analysis of influencing factors

In the bidding of steel mills, it is reported that the bidding price of ferrosilicon 75B for Shaogang in May was set at 5760 yuan / ton, which was 140 yuan / ton higher than that in April. Shaanxi Iron and Steel Group's bidding price for ferrosilicon 75B in May was set at 5,657 yuan / ton, and the price in earlier April increased by 121 yuan / ton. The purchase amount was 2,350 tons.

In the steel market, according to relevant statistics, in early May, key steel companies produced a total of 2051.69 cracks in crude steel; this month, the average daily output of crude steel was 205.17 cracks, an increase of 1.97% month-on-month, and a growth rate of 0.28%; according to key statistics In terms of output, this month, crude steel production nationwide was 2,724.28, and daily crude steel production was 272.43, a month-on-month increase of 1.67% and a decrease of 4.56%. Regarding the market, some analysts believe that the current news lacks direction guidance, the market wait-and-see sentiment continues to improve on a macro scale, major projects are accelerated, and steel prices are still maintained in the context of real-time real estate rush.

In terms of the magnesium metal market, the current magnesium metal market continues to run smoothly. It is reported that the current 99.9% magnesium ingots in Fugu area are more concentrated in the vicinity of RMB 13,200-13,300 / t in cash. Judging from the market-related analysis, it is hindered by the current but the current factory inventory pressure is not large, and the rigid demand will also form a certain support for the magnesium market. It is expected that the price of magnesium will fall further and the space will be very limited. .

On the other hand, in the futures market, today's main ferrosilicon futures contract continued to decline after opening slightly higher in early trading, with an intraday maximum of 5,868 points and a minimum of 5,774 points. The position was reduced by 4,761 lots on the same day, and the trading volume was significantly enlarged compared to the previous trading day.

3. Future market forecast

In the short term, the expected rapid change of ferrosilicon is unlikely. As for the subsequent trend, it is necessary to pay close attention to the changes in supply and demand and costs. It does not rule out the possibility that prices will rise again. The spot price of ferrosilicon is expected to rise.

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