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SunSirs: South Africa news is frequent, spot prices of manganese silicon are temporarily stable

May 18 2020 08:10:53     SunSirs (Molly)

1. Price trend

According to SunSirs price monitoring, the market for silicon-manganese alloys was basically stable this week, basically the same as last week. At present, the specifications for manganese-silicon Ningxia are FeMN68Si18, and the ex-factory price is around 7050 yuan / ton.

This week, the quotations of manganese silicon manufacturers were temporarily stable, the transaction was average, the atmosphere of the wait-and-see industry was strong, and there were some low-priced orders in the market, but the number was limited. With the support of the overall cost, the manufacturers ’willingness to give prices was limited. , The game between the supply and demand sides is constant.

2. Analysis of influencing factors

In May, the price of manganese silicon steel generally rose by 900 yuan / ton

Henan Jiyuan Iron and Steel May May issued the purchase price of silicon manganese alloy 6517 #, which is 7500 yuan / ton, and the extraction volume is 3500 tons;

The purchasing price of silicon manganese 6517 # in a steel plant in East China was 7,500 yuan / ton, a month-on-month increase of 850 yuan / ton.

News from South Africa is frequent

News from the South African side emerged. First, the South African port implemented a 14-day quarantine policy, and then the South African government was affected by economic pressure to consider further reducing the new corona virus ban. But Fubao understands. At present, the domestic capacity of South Africa has not been fully restored, and the mines of some mines cannot be shipped normally. At present, the market transaction is slightly stalemate, the overall purchase rhythm is slow, and the operation of high-priced manganese mines is cautious. The mentality of some miners is relatively stable.

The data shows that the current block of Tianjin Port Manganese Mine is reported at 58 yuan / ton degree, the semi-carbonic acid is 53-56 yuan / ton degree, the Gabon block is 56-57 yuan / ton degree; the Qinzhou Port mainstream Australian block is reported at 55-57 yuan / ton degree, Semi-carbonic acid 54-58 yuan / ton degree, Gabon block 52-53 yuan / ton degree, compared with yesterday's little change.

In terms of manganese ore external discs, South32 announced the second round of quotations for Huamanganese mines in June 2020: of which, Mn45% of the Australian block was quoted at US $ 6.42 / tonne, down by US $ 0.29 / tonne from the first round price and US $ 2.07 higher than the April offer. / Tonne; Mn46% Australian seeds reported US $ 6.07 / tonne, down by US $ 0.28 / tonne from the first round of prices, and increased by US $ 1.95 / tonne from the April offer.

3. Future market forecast

Overall, when the price of the outer disk of the raw material end manganese ore falls, it will inevitably set off a storm. However, in the short term, before the new round of steel recruitment, South Africa China Railway, Brazil and other mining ports have fewer spot resources, and terminal thread demand continues to improve. SunSirs analysis believes that the price of manganese and silicon is still likely to rise.

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