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SunSirs: Building Material, Wastepaper Market Showed Ups and Downs in April, Up 7.58% Overall

May 09 2020 10:46:03     SunSirs (Selena)

According to the data monitoring of SunSirs:

Wastepaper market: at present, as of April 30, the average purchase price of Grade A in wastepaper market was 1,804 RMB/ ton. Compared with the average purchase price of 1,831 RMB / ton a week ago (April 23), the average price was reduced by 27 RMB/ ton, down 1.48%, up 126 RMB/ ton compared with the average purchase price of 1,677 RMB/ ton at the beginning of the month (April 1), with an overall increase of 7.58%.

Corrugating paper Market: at present, the corrugated paper market was mainly weak in the near future. The reference ex-factory price of 140g corrugated base paper is around 2,700-3,100 RMB/ ton (including tax).

Market Analysis

Wastepaper Market: in April, the market price of wastepaper showed ups and downs. In early April, affected by the sharp decline of the market in March, some small and medium-sized manufacturers were eager to price rese. On April 4, according to the data monitoring, the average purchase price of wastepaper grade a in the market was 741 RMB/ ton. After the Qingming Festival, leading enterprises in Guangdong and other places began to raise the purchase price of wastepaper by 50-150 RMB/ ton, and then most small and medium-sized manufacturers followed up with the increase of the purchase price of waste paper. As of April 9, the purchase price of wastepaper grade A in the market rose to 1,834 RMB/ ton, 94 RMB/ ton higher than the average purchase price before the Qingming Festival. However, since April 10, the waste paper market has encountered factors such as increased inventory, slow downstream digestion and so on. The rising momentum is slowly approaching stagnation, and the market as a whole has declined. On April 16, the market again entered into the rising market, during which the decline was still continuous. The wastepaper market purchase market fell all the way. Until the end of April, the market again fell slightly, with a decline of about 10-40 RMB/ ton. On April 30, according to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the average purchase price of Grade A in the wastepaper market was 1804 RMB/ ton, 21% lower than the high price on April 16 RMB/ ton, up about 127 RMB/ ton or 7.58% compared with the beginning of the month.

Corrugated paper Market: in April, the corrugated paper market as a whole was weak, and the market as a whole was general. At the beginning of the month, with a small increase in the wastepaper market, some corrugated paper enterprises raised their prices, and the market situation recovered. However, after the completion of downstream procurement, the market once again entered a weak and cold operation, some manufacturers lowered the factory price of corrugated paper, and the collapse of crude oil brought a negative impact on the market. The downstream wait-and-see mood was heavy. Most of the purchases were on-demand, and the market inventory increaseed. On April 21, several major bases of leading enterprises in Guangdong also lowered the price of corrugated paper by 100-200 RMB/ ton. Subsequently, some paper mills in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hubei and other provinces saw a follow-up decline, with a reduction rate of 50-100 RMB/ ton. The market as a whole was weak until the end of the month.

Market Forecast

According to the paper analysts of SunSirs, the wastepaper market tends to be weak and stable as a whole at the end of April. It is expected that the market will be multi-dimensional stable in the future. The corrugated paper market may be weak for a period of time due to the influence of upstream and downstream market as well as export and other factors.


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