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SunSirs: Bulidind Material, diving! 11.08% Reduction of Wastepaper in 5 Days

March 20 2020 09:37:50     SunSirs (Selena)

According to the data monitoring of SunSirs: wastepaper Market: at present, the average purchase price of Grade A wastepaper in the market is 2,005 RMB/ ton, which is 235 RMB/ ton lower than the average purchase price of 2,255 RMB/ ton on Friday (March 13), down 11.08%; and 411 RMB/ ton than the average purchase price of 2,431 RMB/ ton on March 1, down 17.51%. Corrugated paper Market: at present, according to the data monitoring, the reference ex-factory price of 140g corrugated base paper is around 3,747 RMB/ ton (including tax).

Market Analysis

Wastepaper market: since the end of last week, in a few days, the wastepaper market has once again staged a thrilling scene. At the beginning of the weekend (March 14), nearly 100 paper companies including leading enterprises in Guangdong and other places have lowered their prices again, with a reduction range of 50-150 RMB/ ton. The wastepaper market has fallen into a sharp decline mode. On the 2nd of the weekend, the waste paper market is a big dive. On March 16, several companies cut their purchase prices again, down 10.45% in just one weekend. From March 17 to 18, the market decline slightly eased, but dozens of enterprises, including several leading enterprises, still reduced the purchase price of waste paper by 50-100 RMB/ ton. Up to now, the wastepaper market has been reduced for 5 days in a row. Within a few days, the paper companies have reduced their prices several times in a row, and the paper companies have adjusted their prices three times in a day. As of August 18, the minimum purchase price of waste yellow paper in paper enterprises has fallen below 2,000 RMB/ ton, and the lowest purchase price in the market is 1,900 RMB/ ton. From March to now, the market has been falling all the way. At present, the average price of wastepaper purchase has been adjusted back to years ago, and even the price of many enterprises is lower than that of years ago. Whether the decline will rebound against the bottom will be postponed? Analysts believe that more attention should be paid to the supply and demand of wastepaper market and the absorption of upstream and downstream.

Corrugating paper market: at present, the corrugating paper market is still in a weak position. On March 13, the wastepaper market began to plunge sharply. On March 16, the corrugating paper market also received the letter of price adjustment again. The large-scale paper enterprises lowered the price of corrugating paper, and most of the small and medium-sized paper enterprises followed the decline, ranging from 100-300 RMB/ ton. At present, the cost support of raw materials and waste paper is obviously weakened, the downstream terminal demand is poor, and the market is complete The atmosphere of physical trade and investment is cold, and some enterprises are reluctant to participate in frequent price adjustment due to the recent market turbulence. They are slightly pessimistic about the market trend. At present, according to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the factory quotation of 120-140g corrugated paper with tax included is around 3,650-3,850 RMB/ ton.

Market Forecast

According to the paper analysts of SunSirs, the specific trend of the follow-up wastepaper corrugated market remains to be observed. Whether the price adjustment has reached the bottom again, we need to pay more attention to the supply and demand trend of the whole paper industry chain.


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