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SunSirs: The price of sugar are temporary stability

February 28 2020 09:11:33     SunSirs (Molly)

According to the monitoring of SunSirs: the current average price of first-grade sugar is 5950 yuan / ton, and the price is firm.

1. Market analysis


Domestic side: At present, the supply and demand side has improved, and the supply and demand have become tightly balanced, but the possibility of dumping reserves also needs to be considered. Since 2017/2018, the State Reserve has not dumped and stored for two consecutive years. At present, the total sugar inventory of the State Reserve has exceeded 7 million tons. It is expected that the probability of dumping and storing this year is relatively large. From the perspective of the past dumping time, the next best dumping time is the end of the year, which is from August to September.

In terms of imports, due to the strong price of raw sugar, the cost of domestic imports is high, and the extra internal and external price differences are upside down. It is expected that after domestic production returns to normal and supply increases, the spot price of sugar may be reduced, thereby narrowing import losses.

2. Future forecast

SunSirs sugar analysts believe that after the Spring Festival, downstream sugary food consumption itself is in the off-season, and the impact of this epidemic on downstream construction, transportation and consumption is expected to be weak in the short term.

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