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SunSirs: Magnesium Ingots in Weak Operation Have Begun to Run Steadily

September 11 2019 19:08:12     SunSirs (Linda)

SunSirs: Sep 11

1. Product: Magnesium Ingot (9990)

2. Latest Price (Sep 11, 2019): 15,283.33RMB/t

The ex-factory prices of Magnesium ingots (99.9%, non-acid washing, simple packaging) from the main producing areas in China are charged with cash (tax-including) as follows:

Fugu area: 15,100-15,350RMB/t, Taiyuan area: 15,300-15,400RMB/t, Wenxi area: 15,300-15,450RMB/T, Ningxia area: 15,150-15,500RMB/t.

3. Analysis Points: Magnesium ingot prices fell in the early stage, and have begun to stabilize recently. It is known that some small factories have strong willingness to sell goods, and low-cost sources occur from time to time. Overall, there are fewer spot sources, less inventory pressure and relatively stable supply-demand relationship.

At present, magnesium ingots may be running steadily, based on the following considerations:

(1) Price declined gradually in the early stage, orders have been released, inventory pressure has been released, and the willingness of the factory to stabilize prices has been increased.

(2) The Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Holidays are approaching, and the downstream middlemen just need to increase their demand for spare goods. As long as the price is appropriate and the probability of market entry is high.

4. Future Market Forecast: At present, the market trading is general, it is expected that the prices of magnesium ingots will be stable in the near future, and pay attention to the actual market transactions and maintenance of magnesium plants in the later period.

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