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SunSirs: Price of Magnesium Ingot was Stable on January 15

January 16 2020 13:22:22     SunSirs (Linda)

1. Product name: magnesium ingot (9990)

2. Latest price (January 15, 2020): 14,083.33RMB/ton

On January 15, 2020, the ex factory cash price including tax of magnesium ingots (99.9%, non pickling, simple packaging) in main domestic production areas was weak and stable, and the specific price range was as follows:

The ex factory foreign exchange including tax in Fugu area is 13,8500-14,100RMB/ton; the foreign exchange in Taiyuan area is 14,000-14,100RMB/ton; the foreign exchange in Wenxi area is 14,050-14,200RMB/ton; and the foreign exchange in Ningxia area is 13,900-14,000RMB/ton.

3. Key points of analysis: close to the Spring Festival, the trading tends to be weak, and the magnesium ingot market runs smoothly. It is reported that the magnesium ingot manufacturers' pre-sale situation has occurred from time to time in the near future. The manufacturers' low price pre-sale, after all, there is a rapid return of capital demand at the end of the year. At present, the downstream alloy manufacturers and magnesium powder manufacturers have completed their stock in succession years ago. The downstream raw material inventory has accumulated to a certain extent, and there are not many magnesium ingot manufacturers in stock, so there is a balance between supply and demand.

4. Future market forecast: supply and demand are in a stalemate, adding that the Spring Festival is coming, and trading tends to be weak. It is expected that the price of magnesium ingots will maintain stable operation in the near future, and the actual transaction situation in the market will be concerned in the later stage.

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