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SunSirs: The Upward Trend of Phenol Was Weak and The Transaction of Acetone Was Cold on December 4
December 06 2019 11:11:36SunSirs(John)

Product Name: Phenol

East China Market (December 4): 7,200 RMB/ton

Analysis review

Phenol market has a positive attitude, and continues to report high to try to boost the market. There are a small number of terminal offers and high prices contradict each other. Although there is an overall increase, the inquiry needs to be improved. The overall transaction of the market is general, and the trading volume has not been large. It is expected that the negotiation range of phenol Market in East China will be 7,200-7,250 RMB/ton, and the market as a whole is expected to have a narrow range of growth.


Product Name: acetone

East China Market (December 4): 5,650 RMB/ton

Analysis review

The domestic acetone market continues to fall. Yesterday, the overall downturn of the East China market did not continue to decline. There were ships arriving at the port on the 5th, 6th and 12th. Although most of the sources of goods had already been booked, the market was still supplemented. The cargo holders will ship as soon as possible, the enthusiasm of terminal purchasing is expected to increase, and the replenishment and transaction of intermediate and second-hand merchants are expected to increase. It is expected that the acetone market will continue to be weak the negotiation range in East China market is about 5,600 RMB/ton.



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