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SunSirs: China Asphalt Market is Sorting Out in September
September 30 2022 09:11:33SunSirs(Selena)

In September, the domestic asphalt market was dominated by shocks, and the price rose slightly and then fell again. According to the monitoring data of the business community, the spot price of domestic asphalt at the beginning of the month was 4,455 RMB/ ton, and the domestic asphalt market price at the end of the month was 4,472 RMB/ ton. The price rose 0.38% in the month, with the maximum amplitude of 1.02%, up 28.15% year on year.

At the beginning of September, the domestic asphalt market fluctuated in a narrow range, and the price rose and fell in different regions. The prices in East China and South China rose, mainly due to the rising prices of manufacturers. The decline was mainly in Shandong, mainly due to the shock of crude oil and the decline of some refineries' quotations.

In the first ten days of September, the domestic asphalt price fell steadily, and the overall market weakened. In recent years, the crude oil has been operating in a weak way, and the low-end quotation has declined due to the impact of typhoon weather.

In the last ten days of this month, the domestic asphalt price was adjusted in a narrow range, and the quotation of manufacturers and traders did not fluctuate much. The international crude oil price fluctuates. At present, the domestic asphalt market is relatively smooth in overall shipment. Individual manufacturers control the volume of shipment to maintain the balance between production and sales.

At present, short-term overall supply is relatively abundant; On the demand side, the demand for rush ahead of the festival and goods preparation has been supported. SunSirs asphalt analysts expect that the short-term China domestic asphalt market is mainly narrow.


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