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SunSirs: On July 28, the Acetone Market in Mainstream Regions in China Was Mixed
July 28 2022 15:08:52()

Acetone offers in major mainstream markets across the country today are as follows:

Region Price RMB/ton Fluctuation range  RMB/ton
East China 4880   50
Shandong 4950  -50
Yanshan Area 5000   50
South China 5050   80

On July 28, at the end of the month, some traders' offer mentality was stable. The overall offer in East China was strong, with a narrow upward range. The mainstream offer was 4850-4900 RMB/ton, and the terminal factory just needed to follow up. The offer in Shandong is loose, and the actual transaction on the floor is mostly small orders.

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