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SunSirs: the domestic acetone market soared after the festival
May 09 2022 08:48:56()

After the festival, the acetone factory raised the listing price for many times, the market fundamentals improved, and the cargo holders had a strong atmosphere of pushing up, mainly supporting the price. Large holders of goods followed the rise of the factory. Supported by the mentality of buying up but not buying down, the downstream delivery was optimistic, and the market rose rapidly. In East China, the average offer during the week rose from 5550 to 5880 RMB/ton, up 5.95% after the festival. As of the press date, the negotiation in East China is 5880 RMB/ton, the offer in Shandong is 6000 RMB/ton, the offer in Yanshan surrounding areas is 5900 RMB/ton, and the offer in South China is 6100 RMB/ton.

The downstream isopropanol market rose slightly, the factory shipments increased, and the negotiated price in East China rose to 7200 RMB/ton with the support of cost. The transaction price in Shandong was 6900-7000 RMB/ton. The downstream BPA fluctuated in a narrow range, and the ex factory price of Changchun chemical rose to 17000 RMB/ton.

From the perspective of the business agency, the acetone factory has raised the listing price for many times, the mentality of the cargo holders has improved, and the atmosphere in the venue has improved. The business agency expects that the acetone market will still operate strongly next week, and the negotiation reference in East China is 5900 RMB/ton.

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