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SunSirs: Domestic polysilicon market rises
April 14 2022 14:52:57(

On the 14th, domestic polysilicon prices rose slightly. The operating rate of downstream silicon wafer manufacturers was stable. On the 13th, the price of some silicon wafers of Longji Co., Ltd., a leading silicon wafer manufacturer, rose. The high price of silicon wafer supports the high price of silicon material. The stable purchase volume forms a stable support for the price of silicon material. Domestic polysilicon manufacturers have started normally. Up to now, most of the devices of 12 domestic silicon material manufacturers have started normally. Previously, the split line maintenance enterprises have been restored. The manufacturer's inventory is not high, and the supply of silicon material is still tight. In terms of terminals, the price of battery chips has not changed this week. However, the lower reaches are generally resistant to high prices, and the later stage may continue to limit the mobility of silicon materials. According to the monitoring of business society, the mainstream transaction price of polycrystalline silicon with the model of primary solar material in China is currently in the range of 195000-215000 yuan / ton, and the mainstream range of monocrystalline silicon material is in the range of 242000-257000 yuan / ton.

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