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SunSirs:On April 13, the price of lead ingot fluctuated mainly
April 13 2022 15:41:59()

On April 13, the quotation range of 1# lead ingots in the domestic spot lead market was about 15200-15350 RMB/ton, and the average price was 15275 RMB/ton, which was flat compared with the previous trading day.

On Tuesday night, London Metal generally rose except Lunxi. Shanghai lead fell slightly by 0.03% in the night trading. Shanghai lead fluctuated slightly in the morning trading, and the spot market generally remained temporarily stable. Basically, at present, the operating rate of primary lead enterprises has increased slightly. In terms of recycled lead, due to the limited transportation, the cross provincial transportation has a certain impact, and the overall operating rate is limited. In terms of downstream demand, with the market entering the off-season in April, the demand for storage batteries began to decline, and there were many cases of enterprise burden reduction. Downstream storage battery enterprises mainly purchased on demand, coupled with limited transportation, the demand was suspended.

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