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SunSirs: Phenol Rises Cautiously and Acetone Market Continues to Rise on November 13
November 15 2019 11:17:50SunSirs(John)

Product Name: phenol


The latest price (East China/ November 13): 7150 RMB/ton


Analysis points:

Sinopec reduced 250 RMB/ton and implemented 7300 RMB/ton on December 12. On December 13, under the pressure of loss of shipment from suppliers, the intention of low delivery turned weak. The East China market took the lead in pushing up the market, the center of gravity rising in the afternoon. The middlemen inquired cautiously. The downstream just needed to buy, and the overall atmosphere was relatively light. However, in general, the East China market increased 100 RMB/ton a day, and phenol stopped fell. It is expected that the domestic market of phenol will continue to rise cautiously, and the negotiation range of phenol market in East China is 7150-7200 RMB/ton.


Product Name: acetone


The latest price (East China/ November 13): 4950 RMB/ton


Analysis points:

Acetone market continues to rise. Although there is a port supply, it will take a long time to enter into circulation. At present, there is still a small supply of goods in the hands of large customers, and the sentiment of the buyer pushing up is not abated. The downstream terminal inquiry increases and the market continues to push up. The real deal follow-up is OK. It is expected that acetone still has room to go up. Today, we need to pay attention to Sinopec's offer situation, and the East China market negotiation is expected to be over 5000 RMB / ton.


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