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SunSirs: The price of magnesium is deadlocked, and the magnesium plant mainly focuses on stabilizing the price
March 22 2022 14:27:57()

Market analysis last week

Last week, magnesium ingots were weak first and then stable. On Wednesday, the price fell below the 40000 yuan. From the perspective of quotation, the attitude of magnesium manufacturers to stabilize the price is relatively firm, and it is difficult to find low-cost goods. According to the data monitoring of the SunSirs, as of the 18th, the transaction price of magnesium ingot Market was concentrated at 39000RMB/ton - 40000RMB/ton. Considering the continuous game between market supply and demand, at present, the magnesium price has not fallen again.

Raw materials:

This week, the fourth round of increase in coke market fell to the ground. This round of increase was 200RMB/ton, with a cumulative increase of 800RMB/ton. At present, the operating rate of coking enterprises has increased to a certain extent, but the overall operating rate is still low. At present, the coke inventory in the plant is generally low. Affected by the difficulty of automobile transportation, the overall coke supply is still tight. With the increase of coke price, the production cost of magnesium plant has been increased.

The price of ferrosilicon is temporarily stable. The quotation of 72 ferrosilicon is 9000-9200RMB/ton (Natural Block), and the average market price is 9050RMB/ton. The blue carbon market has been weak recently, but on the whole, the cost support of magnesium ingot is strong.

Downstream aspect:

In addition, the overseas purchase price is generally low, and the overall impact of the epidemic is small, although the transaction cost is small, the overall impact is small. However, in terms of macro news, the meeting of the Ministry of industry and information technology required to further expand the consumption of large industrial products such as new energy vehicles and smart appliances and expand green consumption. Magnesium alloy as a lightweight material, the rise of new energy vehicles has driven a major turning point in lightweight, boosted the confidence of magnesium ingot merchants to a certain extent, and benefited the price in the medium and long term.

Future forecast:

On the whole, although the factory side is willing to stabilize the price, the purchasing capacity of the consumer side is insufficient, and the wait-and-see mood is strong. The current situation of weak operation of magnesium ingot price is difficult to change. However, the capital pressure of magnesium factory is not large, and the price of magnesium ingot is high superimposed on ferrosilicon and coal. The probability of magnesium ingot price protection is high. Business society analysts believe that the price of magnesium ingot will operate stably in the short term.

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