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SunSirs: Supply of Goods is Moving Slowly, Chinese Medicinal Material Market is still Fluctuating at a High Level
December 20 2021 08:34:45SunSirs(Linda)

On December 18, the Chinese Medicinal Materials Index was 1362 points, a record high in the cycle, an increase of 39.69% from the lowest point of 975 points on November 25, 2019. (Note: Period refers to 2019-06-30 till now)

In the 50th week of 2021 (12.13-12.17), there are a total of 2 products that have risen in the price of Chinese medicinal materials, a total of 1 products have fallen, and a total of 5 products have zero changes. The main commodities that rose were: Codonopsis (1.27%) and Panax notoginseng (0.62%); the main commodities that fell were: Ophiopogon japonicus (-1.05%). The average increase and decrease last week was 0.1%.

1. The market for Chinese medicinal materials rose and fell last week

Dangshen: Dangshen production is coming to an end. Dangshen production areas and market sources have received good demand. In the near term, the supply of goods has been moving smoothly. The current stock is relatively weak. Holders have strengthened their reluctance to sell, and prices have risen slightly. Recently, 90% of the sources of goods listed and traded on the market are new, and the sources of used goods are sporadic. At present, the transaction price of small-sized goods in the origin is 40-42 yuan, the transaction price of medium-sized goods ranges between 47-50 yuan, and the transaction price of large-sized goods ranges between 60-70 yuan.

Panax notoginseng: The supply of Panax notoginseng in Wenshan City, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province has been stable. The transaction volume of the origin has not changed much recently, and the market is mainly stable. The price of 120 heads is RMB 120, 60 heads are 145 yuan, and 40 heads are 180. Around RMB 250, the price of 20 heads is around RMB 250.

The market transaction rate of fresh Panax notoginseng is low. Three to four growers sell fresh Panax notoginseng for two years at a transaction price of 11-12 yuan per catty, and the transaction price for three-year fresh Panax notoginseng is 15-18 yuan per catty.

Ophiopogon japonicus: The market of Ophiopogon japonicus has been stable and obviously slipping recently, and the supply of goods is moving generally. As the new production period approaches, some retail investors have strong performance in shipments, and the transaction price has fallen by 2-3 yuan from the previous period. The transaction price of middle-quality goods is about 70 yuan, the transaction price of middle-high quality goods is 73-75 yuan, the transaction price of middle-quality goods is 65-68 yuan, the transaction price of second-class goods is 65-66 yuan, and the third and fourth-level millet The transaction price was 61-62 yuan.

There is still a certain amount of inventory of Ophiopogon japonicus in the production area, but most of them are concentrated in the hands of large households. I personally think that the Ophiopogon japonicus market will not change much in the short term, and it should run smoothly. In the long run, Ophiopogon japonicus needs to continue to be observed.

Wolfberry: There are not many merchants looking for goods in wolfberry recently, and local vendors are also taking a wait-and-see attitude. The source of the goods moves slowly. The current price of 280 capsules in Ningxia is about 57 yuan, 380 capsules are around 48 yuan, and 450 capsules are 47 yuan. Gansu goods 280 tablets cost 49 yuan, 380 tablets cost 43 yuan, and 450 tablets cost 41-43 yuan.

Angelica sinensis: The transaction of Angelica decoction pieces has slowed down, the purchasing power of processing households is weak, the local business households demand a small amount of goods, the transaction of good goods is small, and the supply of bad medicines and stocks is stable. The overall transaction of angelica slowed down, and the transaction price was basically stable. The transaction price of Angelica medicine factory goods is 35-36.5 yuan; the transaction price of Angelica sinensis is 36.5-37.5 yuan, the transaction price of Angelica sinensis is 38-40 yuan, and the transaction price of Angelica sinensis is 41-43 yuan.

Astragalus: The new Astragalus mao Er Tiao, and the supply of raw materials have increased more. Common business and processing households purchase on demand. The overall delivery of Astragalus is slow, and the market is weak. Astragalus section of 0.6-0.8cm size is 29-32 yuan, Astragalus section of size 0.8-1.0cm is 35-38 yuan; Astragalus section of 1.0-1.2cm size is 40-46 yuan; Astragalus section of 1.2-1.4cm size is 47-55 yuan; pharmaceutical factory The transaction price of feed specifications of Maoqi is 13-14 yuan.

Astragalus fresh products transaction is about to end, buyers are sporadic, and delivery sources are sporadic. The transaction price of small strips is mostly 3-3.3 yuan/shijin; general goods 3.4-3.6 yuan/shijin; large strips are around 3.7-4.2 yuan/shijin, mainly depending on the skin color, size, and yield rate of the goods to discuss the price.

Honeysuckle: The supply of honeysuckle in Shandong is sufficient, the trend is stable, and the price is stable. At present, the second and third-tier supply transactions are active. At present, the market transaction price of Pingyi County, Linyi City, Shandong Province, dried blue and white flowers is 145-150 yuan/kg, first level: dried white flowers 135-140 yuan/kg, second-level goods 120-128 yuan/kg, and third-level goods 110- 116 yuan/kg, 100-105 yuan/kg for fourth-class goods, 80-100 yuan/kg for foreign goods.

Honeysuckle is available in Fengqiu, Xinxiang, Henan. There are not many merchants looking for the goods. The supply moves slowly, and the price has declined slightly. -125 yuan, about 110 yuan for drug feed factory goods, and about 100 yuan for blooming goods. As New Year's Day approaches, the trading volume is small and the listing volume is large. The price of honeysuckle is expected to pick up after the holiday.

Forsythia: Forsythia is currently moving normally. There are not many sources in Xixia County, Henan Province, and the price is stable. Goods with enough content are 108 yuan, and those with insufficient content are 98 yuan. Forsythia market is on the high side, merchants purchase according to plan, the market volume is not large, the recent market is relatively calm, the current price of boiled goods is between 100-105 yuan, and the short-term market outlook is expected to continue to stabilize.

2. Last week's market review and outlook

Entering the third week of December, the overall market performance was poor, the supply of goods moved slowly, and the market was still fluctuating at a high level. The prices of Imperata cylindrica, Ai Ye, Ding Gong vine, mountain conch, dog's spine, and Lian Qiancao have increased in price, but the attention is still not high; Alisma orientalis, Xu Changqing, Shichangpu, Angelica dahurica, and Poria are all rising and falling under the current situation.

The market as a whole continued last week’s performance. Most of the price-increasing varieties were small varieties with cold backs, which was regarded as a compensation effect under the general market rise, and had little impact on the overall market. The current market lacks large varieties of market trends. Although the amount of rehmanniae is large, the price It is also continuing to rise, but it seems that it has not become a market vane, or the overall performance of large varieties is average, high prices inhibit demand, and the movement is slow.

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