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SunSirs: October Peak Season, Chinese Medicinal Material Market is still Hot
October 25 2021 08:28:05SunSirs(Linda)

On October 24, the Chinese herbal medicine index was 1324 points, which was a decrease of 0.68% from the highest point during the period of 1333 points (2021-09-09), and an increase of 35.79% from the lowest point of 975 points on November 25, 2019. (Note: Period refers to 2019-06-30 till now)

In the 42nd week of 2021 (10.18-10.22), there are 0 commodities that have risen in the price rise and fall list of Chinese medicinal materials, 3 kinds of commodities have fallen, one kind has risen, and 4 commodities have zero rise or fall. The main commodities that fell were: Honeysuckle (-1.69%), Panax notoginseng (-1.23%), and Chinese wolfberry (-1.02%). The main commodities on the rise are: Angelica (3.83%)

1. The market for Chinese medicinal materials rose and fell last week

Angelica: The selling price of Angelica has increased due to the smooth production area and rising prices, and the market has steadily increased. The Bozhou market sells pharmaceutical products at 38-40 yuan, and all-gui tablets are priced at 45-48 yuan. Multi-business attention.

The quantity of Angelica sinensis on the market in Min County increased. The flow of people in the market is basically stable, foreign merchants are few, and local processing households purchase on-demand; the supply of angelica, large and medium strips, has more transactions. The overall transaction was stable, and the transaction price was basically stable. Today's finished delivery source accounts for about 35% of the total shipment volume.

The transaction price of angelica medicine factory goods is 34-36 yuan/kg; the transaction price of angelica small strips is 36-36.5 yuan/kg, the transaction price of angelica middle strips is 38-40 yuan/kg; the transaction price of angelica large strips (good bars) At 41-43 yuan/kg.

The quantity of fresh angelica products on the market has increased significantly, and the source of the listed products is mainly unified. Due to the high prices of fresh goods, purchasers are cautious in purchasing, and processing households take into account the processing cost, and most of them wait and see. The price of fresh angelica as the source of delivery is mostly around 5.5 yuan/jin, and some of them have not been sold due to the problem of soil breaking. The increase in shipments, slower transactions, and fewer sources of delivery.

Honeysuckle: In Julu County, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, the price of honeysuckle is 134 yuan/kg, the price of the first crop is 140 yuan/kg, and the futures price before the first crop is 146 yuan/kg. The trend is slow and the supply is sufficient. The new production of honeysuckle has ended. Because of the pesticide residue testing this year, there is not a lot of walking around. Some stockists are holding down the goods because the prices are relatively cheap over the years. Inventories rose, becoming the highest in history.

Honeysuckle, the Anguo market and production areas have sufficient supply sources. Recently, the supply has been purchased and sold normally, and the market has remained stable from the previous period. The general price of Hebei honeysuckle on the market is between 135-140 yuan and the good price is between 143-150 yuan.

Panax notoginseng: The transaction price of Panax notoginseng cut is mainly 85-89 yuan/jin. The transaction price of new products is 52-55 yuan/jin, and new products with better dryness can be sold for 58-60 yuan/jin. The main transactions were unified goods, and the volume was relatively large. A pharmaceutical company acquired Panax Notoginseng. Wearing hats, seven and slippery heads have transactions in various specifications, and the volume is not large.

There is a lot of traffic in the fresh Panax notoginseng market, and the weather improves, and most distributors choose to dig out Panax notoginseng to sell on the market. The market volume of fresh Panax notoginseng is about 30-40 tons. There are many inquirers in front of the booth, and the inquiry takes a long time. The market transaction rate is 50%-60%, and more than half can be sold. The listed 37 has a large head and less odor. The transaction price is ideal, mostly 16-18 yuan/jin.

Lycium berries: Lycium berries are commercially available from time to time recently. The supply is okay, but the fluctuations in the market are limited. At present, the price of 280 pieces of Ningxia in Bozhou market is 52-53 yuan, and the price of 380 pieces is 46-48 yuan.

Codonopsis: The purchase of Codonopsis in the Minxian market is mainly from common local processing households, with few goods and sporadic sources of delivery. The overall delivery slowed down, and the transaction price was basically stable. The transaction price of Dangshen Pharmaceutical Factory's specifications is about 38-41 yuan/kg; the transaction price of 0.4-0.6 specifications is 44-47 yuan/kg; the transaction price of 0.6-0.8 specifications is 50-55 yuan/kg; the transaction price of 0.8-1.0 specifications is about About 55-64 yuan/kg, the transaction price of 1.0 or more specifications is above 68 yuan/kg.

Dangshen fresh products have decreased, and washed products have gradually decreased, and the source of unwashed products has accounted for the majority. There is not much traffic in the market, and some local companies purchase dangshen, large and medium-sized laundered goods; processing households purchase on-demand. In the recent market, the supply of small strips is relatively small, and most of them are mainly the supply of medium and large strips. Fresh Codonopsis has not been sold quickly, and the transaction price is basically stable. The transaction price of small bars is 5-6 yuan / city catty; middle bars are 6.5-7.5 yuan / city catty; the price of unified goods is around 7 yuan / city catty; large bars are 8-9.5 yuan / city catty; extra large bars 10 yuan / city catty or more .

Astragalus: Longxi County, Dingxi City, Gansu Province, the price of Astragalus (0.4-0.6) is 21 yuan/kg, the price of (0.6-0.8) is 32 yuan/kg, the price of (0.8-1.0) is 42 yuan/kg, (1.0-1.2) ) The price is 53 yuan/kg, (1.2-1.5) the price is 60 yuan/kg, (1.5-1.8) the price is 70 yuan/kg, the goods are stable and the supply is sufficient. About 30% of the market volume.

The quantity of fresh Astragalus products on the market has been increasing one after another, most of which come from local sources in Min County. The market mainly relies on common local processing households to purchase goods, and the procurement efforts are not strong. The transaction price of fresh astragalus is mostly around 3.2-3.8 yuan/jin. The quantity of fresh products is small, and there are more pharmacies who wait and see the market.

Ophiopogon japonicus: Ophiopogon japonicus still has local sources for sale. There are not many merchants who have come to look for goods recently. Most of the transactions are purchased by local vendors. The market is basically stable. The current price of medium and high-grade goods is 68-70 yuan, medium-sized goods. The transaction price is 64-65 yuan, and the asking price of the pharmaceutical products is 62-63 yuan. The sellers have a positive attitude towards selling.

Affected by more rain in the producing area and faster movement of the origin of the goods, the current Bozhou market Ophiopogon medicine factory standard goods 65-67 yuan/kg, medium-sized goods between 66-70 yuan/kg, and high-quality goods 72-76 yuan/kg.

Forsythia: There is not much remaining inventory in the production area of ​​Forsythia. There are not many merchants who have recently requested goods. The source of the goods is not moving fast, and the price remains stable. .

2. Last week's market review and outlook

1. After entering the second half of October, market sentiment is still strong. Merchants are full of confidence, and pharmaceutical companies start to purchase after waiting and seeing no results, and the market is further heated.

2. The autumn flood in Shanxi has aroused the attention of sensitive businesses. The floods have affected the harvest of medicinal crops that are about to be harvested in autumn, and the production of departmental varieties has been delayed, resulting in a reduction in production time after shortening the time. Shanxi, Shaanxi traditional varieties of Dihuang and other varieties continued to rise. The southern part encountered a typhoon and the temperature dropped sharply, and the star anise and Liangjiang rebounded.

3. The market for some varieties is not as firm as the previous period after the production of new products, and some varieties have begun to decline, such as the market for new products such as notoginseng.

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