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Ophiopogon japonicus News
SunSirs: Chinese Ophiopogon Japonicus Has a Better Market
March 18 2021 08:56:26SunSirs(Linda)

1. Price Trend

Years later, the market for Ophiopogon japonicus has gradually increased. At present, the price of Ophiopogon japonicus in Sichuan is around 48-50 yuan/kg, an increase of 3.78% compared to the beginning of the month.

2. Introduction of Ophiopogon Japonicus

The small root tuber of Ophiopogon japonicus is a traditional Chinese medicine, which has the effect of promoting body fluid to quench thirst, moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough. Ophiopogon japonicus is the mainstream commodity, with the largest output, accounting for more than 70% of the national Ophiopogon japonicus circulation, and dominates the trend of changes in the domestic market of Ophiopogon japonicus.

Ophiopogon japonicus is mainly distributed in Huayuan Town, Laoma Town, Yongming Town, Milestone Town, Liuying Town, Xinde Town, Luxi Town, Lingxing Town and other towns in Santai County, Mianyang City, Sichuan. Among them, the Huayuan Town of Santai County is the core planting area of ​​Ophiopogon japonicus and the distribution center of Ophiopogon japonicus.

3. The latest market situation of Ophiopogon japonicus

Bozhou market: The production of Ophiopogon japonicus continues to deepen, and the Sichuan production area will enter mass production in about 10 days. According to the current mining situation, the particles this year are generally small. Recently, the number of merchants buying goods from the production area has increased. Stable and rising, the price of intermediate goods is between 48-55 yuan; the market response is not obvious from the origin, and the sales sources are mostly selected by grading. Sichuan pharmaceuticals goods are 45 yuan, and the price of first-class goods is 55-58 yuan. Machine-selected goods 62-65 yuan.

Anguo market: Ophiopogon japonicus, the current production of this product is continuing, and the overall market has risen. Now the price of the upper-middle market in the market is between 50-55 yuan; the price of medium-sized goods is between 48-50 yuan; The price is around 46 yuan.
Santai County, Mianyang, Sichuan: At present, the transaction price of Ophiopogon japonicus is 50-53 yuan for medium-sized goods, the transaction price of medium-high quality goods is 55-58 yuan, the transaction price of special high-quality goods is 60-65 yuan, and the transaction price of medium-lower quality goods is 46- 48 yuan, there are many foreign buyers from the origin, and the popularity is very high!

4. Influencing factors

The expected output of Ophiopogon japonicus in Santai County is 15,000 tons

Since March, the harvest season of "Fucheng Ophiopogon" in Santai County, which enjoys the reputation of "Hometown of Ophiopogon" in China, has begun. It is understood that the planting area of ​​Ophiopogon japonicus in Santai County has been maintained at more than 60,000 mu all year round. The total output this year is expected to reach 15,000 tons.

The inventory of Ophiopogon japonicus reaches a new high at the end of the year

The output of Ophiopogon japonicus in 2019 is about 10,000 tons. With the price falling, pharmaceutical factories are actively purchasing goods, and the annual source of supply is around 11,000 tons. The source of goods is effectively digested. It can also be said that the sales volume of Ophiopogon japonicus in the production area in 2019 is a record. A record high, with only 500-600 tons of inventory in the hands of vendors in the origin.

In 2020, the output of Ophiopogon japonicus in various regions is about 12,000 tons. Affected by the epidemic, when new production is produced, prices have been rising all the way. Later, as the market digests weakly, sales volume decreases and prices are adjusted. Surplus, the year-end inventory is about 4,000 tons, the inventory is severely surplus, once again hitting a new high in recent years.

Santai County completely bans the use of plant growth regulators such as paclobutrazol

In recent years, in order to protect the geographical indication product "Ophiopogon japonicus in Fucheng" and ensure the green and sustainable development of Ophiopogon japonicus in the county, Santai County has completely banned the growth of Ophiopogon japonicus in the county. Using plant growth regulators such as paclobutrazol, the quality of Ophiopogon japonicus in Fucheng has been greatly improved, and the brand influence has also been continuously strengthened. It has become a pillar industry that promotes the increase of income and prosperity of the people in the production areas.

Jiang Jianhui, director of the Agricultural Service Center of Lingxing Town, said: “The town’s party committee and government organizes personnel to conduct regular and irregular random inspections of agricultural material stores, and prohibits agricultural material stores from selling paclobutrazol. Organize township and village community cadres to conduct household inspections on Ophiopogon japonicus growers."

4. Market outlook forecast

On the whole, after 2020 under the influence of the epidemic, the overall market environment is expected to improve in 2021. After the year, the market of Ophiopogon japonicus has gradually increased, and there are many foreign buyers from the producing area, the delivery of goods from the producing area has accelerated, the popularity has become prosperous, and the price has been firm. However, judging from the current supply and demand of resources, it will take years of adjustment to reach the high price three years ago.

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