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SunSirs: Supply Is Tight, the Acetone Market Is Rising Sharply
January 28 2021 13:48:31SunSirs(John)

Price trend

The spot supply is tight, and the acetone market is rising significantly. According to the monitoring data of SunSirs, the market offer in East China increased from 7,100 RMB/ton to 7,500 RMB/ton on the 27th, while the markets in Shandong, Yanshan surrounding areas and southern China also showed an increase of 150-300 RMB/ton. Judging from the situation of factories in various regions, some factories have made up 100 RMB/ton, which is an average increase, but the supply is tight.

Analysis review

The tight supply side is the main reason for this upward trend. On the one hand, the downstream bisphenol A has risen sharply again, and enterprises have started to increase production, and some of the factories supply downstream customers; On the other hand, the sources of goods from the ports in East China have arrived at the port but the unloading has not yet been released. This has led to a significant shortage of supplies in East China, and the performance of circulation resources in the market is tight. Boosting the enthusiasm of some holders to promote the increase, but some terminal purchasing sentiment slowed down under the surge, mainly wait and see, in general, the market transaction has to be released.

From the downstream market perspective, the most eye-catching product in the phenol ketone industry chain recently is bisphenol A. With the demand for downstream resin industry in short supply, the purchase of bisphenol A has increased significantly, and the temperature of bisphenol A has risen sharply again, as of the 27th On-site negotiations rose to 16,800-17,000 RMB/ton. And as the Spring Festival approaches, logistics is limited, and the supply of goods on the market is insufficient. Holders are still in a good mood and just need to make a high transaction. Products such as MMA and MIBK are relatively stable.

Market outlook

Under the tight spot, the offer of the holders is firm, but the terminal purchases are general, and the port source has reached the future supply can be released, but the current tension is also the status quo. SunSirs expects acetone to continue to operate at a high level, and the negotiation is expected to be 7,500 RMB/ton.

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