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Fruit Farmers Sell at Price, AP2105 Continues to Decline
January 22 2021 08:30:16Futures(Linda)

Domestic disk: Apple futures 2105 contract volume can increase, the highest is 6265, the lowest is 6052, and the closing is 6074, -2.25% from the previous trading day; trading volume is 462078; positions are 332775, +23387.

In the news: The stocking in production areas is proceeding in an orderly manner. The self-inventory source of packaging by merchants is still the mainstream. Except for a few production areas, the transaction speed of fruits and farmers in most production areas is slow, and a few farmers are eager to sell, resulting in concessionary shipment The situation occurred from time to time, and the market remained stable and weak.

In terms of spot: Shandong Yantai Qixia Paper Bag Red Fuji Fruit Farm 80# has the price of 2.8-3.0 yuan/kg for the first and second grades, and the paper bag Fuji 80# price of 2.6-2.8 yuan/kg for the first and second red tablets.

Inventory of warehouse receipts: There are 25 warehouse receipts for Apple Futures of ZCE, which is 0 compared with the previous trading day, and 0 is effectively forecasted.

Position analysis: The top 20 long positions in the Apple futures contract of the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange on that day were 201656 lots, +13050; short positions were 236981, +9447; net short positions were 35,325 lots.

Summary: Domestic Apple's spot quotations have been lowered; Apple cold storage nationwide is gradually shipping a small amount, and inventory is still higher than the same period last year. From the perspective of Shaanxi's production areas, the epidemic has caused difficulties in transporting vehicles and difficult to find labor, making the demand for stocking before the holiday relatively deserted. In Shandong producing areas, the number of merchants from producing areas began to increase, and the speed of low-priced fruit delivery has improved. Most of the Qixia production areas are mainly gift boxes and equipment, and the sales of third-grade fruits are better than high-priced sources. On the whole, the current increase in cold storage shipments is not driven by market demand. It is mainly because customers are worried about poor market conditions and aggravation of the epidemic after the year. Pay attention to the proportion and speed of shipments from merchants of origin. Operationally, it is recommended that Apple's 2105 contract be temporarily traded in the 5900-6300 yuan/ton range.

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