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SunSirs: Quotation of Viscose Staple Fiber is Deadlocked, and Rayon Yarn is Profitable
November 27 2020 08:50:54SunSirs(Linda)

According to SunSirs price monitoring, as of November 26, the domestic average ex-factory price of 1.2D*38mm viscose staple fiber was 10,866 yuan/ton, which was unchanged from November 19 and up 1.35% year-on-year. Some manufacturers previously suspended production in stages and resumed their offers during the turnaround of the textile market in October, but the textile market fell in November, and viscose sold at a higher price after it rose to a high level. The rayon yarn manufacturers rarely make gains and tend to stabilize as a whole.

In terms of cotton linters, the market is mainly stable, and some manufacturers continue to lower the prices of cotton linters. The procurement of cotton linters is tepid, and the market supply and demand are relatively balanced. Hebei's industrial-grade cotton linters are currently offered at 3850-3900 yuan/ton, down 100 yuan/ton from the beginning of November. Relative quotations in other regions are relatively stable. The downstream chemical fiber plants and refined cotton plants have limited start-ups. Before the supply and demand changes significantly, the cotton linters will hardly change significantly, and local fluctuation adjustments may become the norm.

The price of rayon yarn has entered a stable period on the table. As of November 26, the average ex-factory price of 30S rayon yarn in Shandong was 14,933 yuan/ton, down 67 yuan/ton from the previous week, or 0.44%, and 8.80% year-on-year. The raw material end of cotton linters has declined, the demand for rayon cotton is weak, and the orders have decreased compared with October. Although the manufacturers' offers are more firm on the surface, the actual transactions have fallen. Viscose manufacturers stay on the sidelines and adjust prices cautiously.

SunSirs analysts believe that textile orders have fallen, and the quotations of viscose and rayon yarn have risen and stabilized. Some rayon manufacturers are under pressure from inventory and capital withdrawal to make profits. As existing orders are digested and new orders cannot keep up, when manufacturers generally make profits, the quotations are likely to be lowered.

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